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Gen McKenzie: Iran One of Most Capable Militaries in ME

Gen McKenzie: Iran One of Most Capable Militaries in ME
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By Staff, Agencies 

Head of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie stressed that Iran possesses one of the most capable militaries in the Middle East.

Testifying before the US House Armed Services Committee, General Mackenzie underscored that Tehran’s ballistic missile force is the most formidable in the region.

“Iran's widespread use of drones means that the US is operating without complete air superiority for the first time since the Korean War,” he added.

Iran has time and again stated that its military capabilities are merely defensive and are designed to deter foreign threats.

Meanwhile, McKenzie warned that after the US withdrawal the biggest threat would be the regrouping of Al-Qaeda and “ISIS” militants who “will be able to regenerate if pressure is not kept on them”. 

According to a transcript the Pentagon released this weekend, Gen McKenzie also said that his command and American diplomats were working with nations surrounding Afghanistan on agreements to base troops and aircraft for countering terrorists after the US pullout.