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‘Israeli’ Analysts Highlight Role of Martyr Hijazi in Backing Resistance Forces

‘Israeli’ Analysts Highlight Role of Martyr Hijazi in Backing Resistance Forces
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By Staff

The Zionist occupation milieu highlighted the role played by the Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] Quds Force Deputy Commander martyr Brigadier General Mohammad Hijazi in supporting the anti-occupation resistance, and providing it with all capabilities that worry Tel Aviv.

In comments following Brigadier General Hijazi’s demise, Zionist sources focused on the cause of pain and concern the man presented to the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity due to his support of the Resistance forces against the occupation, especially in Lebanon.

Additionally, ‘Israeli’ analysts concentrated on his contributions to providing the resistance forces with all means to develop their capabilities that threaten Tel Aviv and deter it from the very thinking of any hostile act against Lebanon.

‘Israeli’ analyst for Arab affairs, Gal Berger, said “one of the important things that should be noted is that until before being assigned as the Quds Force Deputy Commander, Hijazi was backing Hezbollah’s capabilities in Lebanon,” noting, however, that “his demise won’t shake the IRG, just as it stood firm after [Lieutenant General Qassem] Soleimani’s assassination.”

For his part, ‘Israeli’ journalist and analyst Ohad Hemo claimed that “Hijazi is responsible for Hezbollah’s growing might against ‘Israel’.”