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Ramadan 2021


Iranian Army, IRG Guarantee Country’s Security, Tranquility - Top Commander

Iranian Army, IRG Guarantee Country’s Security, Tranquility - Top Commander
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By Staff, Agencies

Chief of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri congratulated Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day, emphasizing that Army and the Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] are guarantors of sustainable security and tranquility of the Islamic country.

According to the IRG website, Baqeri issued a statement on Friday, saying that the dear Army supports the Iranian nation and its national interests and that it meets the country’s needs concerning non-military issues.

Farvardin 29 [April 16] is the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day, so, I congratulate commanders and soldiers of the Army and their families, the statement read.

Late Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini emphasized the support for the Army, which backed the victory of the revolution and foiled conspiracies by anti-revolution forces such as Marxists and other groups; so, the armed forces could regain their dignity, it added.

Major General Baqeri stipulated in the message that the Army’s loyalty and sacrifice in different arenas of defending the independence and territorial integrity of the country as well as its endeavor in confronting armed opponents are inspiring for staff, who are keen on serving in the organization.  

The armed forces’ current shining in social service amid floods, earthquakes, COVID-19 pandemic and natural catastrophes are in line with their other services and sacrifices, they have made along with other armed forces, and that shows the Army is in fact the guarantor of the nation and international interests, which can play a key role in meeting non-military requirements of the Islamic country, the message read.

Undoubtedly, the powerful armed forces of the country, including the Army and the IRG, strengthen its defensive and deterrent power in the face of the arrogant system and its Zionist ally and nullify the enemies’ plot to use military force against Iran; so, such forces guarantee “sustainable security” and “unique tranquility” of the Iranian nation, Baqeri noted.

In the message, Baqeri also thanked the almighty God for the fact that the Army hand in hand with the IRG is maintaining the security and authority of the country under the supervision of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei.