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NYT: “Israel” Tells US It Attacked Iranian Vessel

NYT: “Israel” Tells US It Attacked Iranian Vessel
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By Staff, Agencies 

The New York Times revealed on Wednesday that the “Israeli” entity informed the United States that it had struck an Iranian vessel in the Red Sea off the coast of Eritrea on Tuesday.

An unnamed US official told the newspaper that “The ‘Israelis’ had called the attack a retaliation for earlier Iranian strikes on ‘Israeli’ vessels, and that the vessel had been damaged below the water line.”

The Iranian news agency Tanzim confirmed the vessel was attacked by mines attached to it and identified it as the Saviz, confirming that it was stationed in the Red Sea for the past few years to "support Iranian commandos sent on commercial vessel [anti-piracy] escort missions."

But according to a report published in October by the US Naval Institute, the Saviz was a covert military ship operated by the Revolutionary Guards. 

The American official said that the attack may have been delayed "to allow the Dwight D. Eisenhower, an American aircraft carrier in the area, to put some distance between itself and the Saviz." The Eisenhower was about 320 kilometers [200 miles] away when the Saviz was hit.”

“Israeli” officials declined to comment on the attack.