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US Strategic Command Offers ’Apologizes’ After Posting Gibberish

US Strategic Command Offers ’Apologizes’ After Posting Gibberish
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By Staff, Agencies 

Netizens got startled on Sunday when the US Strategic Command suddenly stormed into the ordinary Internet agenda with a tweet saying nothing but ";l;;gmlxzssaw". 

By the time the account tweeted its apologies for the confusion some 30 minutes had passed, providing the users with just the right amount of time to wonder whether the post was a nuclear code, a secret message or just someone's cat having fun with the keyboard.

However, even the attempt to apologize for the stir has not turned out to be very lucky, as the Strategic Command then misspelled the word "apologies" when asking netizens to "disregard this post".

It is worth noting that many things have happened in the wake of the tweet, but ignoring it is definitely not among them.

Before the tweets were deleted, netizens laughed over the Strategic Command's reluctance to remove them. The misspelling was not unnoticed.

Among those who were surprised by the tweet, was retired US Colonel Rob Maness.

Some netizens went on to play with the gibberish, recalling some other funny incidents with Twitter accounts run by prominent figures, like the notorious "covfefe" tweet posted by the former US president, Donald Trump.

Others expressed outrage, spicing it up with a good deal of sarcasm.

The US Strategic Command is responsible for employing the nation's nuclear, cyber, global strike and missile defense.