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Yemenis Rally en Masse Marking National Steadfastness Day

Yemenis Rally en Masse Marking National Steadfastness Day
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By Staff

Yemenis rallied in masses on Friday across the country to mark the National Steadfastness Day as the Saudi-led war on Yemen enters its seventh year.

The participants hailed and appreciated the Yemeni people’s steadfastness, and the rally in Yemen’s Saada issued a statement reiterating that steadfastness is the Yemenis’ principal, humanitarian, ethical and religious choice, stressing also that it is an undiscussable legitimate choice.

“The coalition of aggression has no horizon but more of failure and criminality, and the more the aggression escalates, we will increase our endurance and readiness to sacrifice,” the statement noted.

The Saada statement also emphasized the religious duty in support of the Palestinian cause and rejection of ‘normalization’ with the ‘Israeli’ entity.

It further urged paying attention to agriculture until the nation is self-satisfied, not to mention the importance of social solidarity and unity against the aggression.

“We call on the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force to keep pounding the aggression’s sites in qualitative and influential operations until it stops its war against out people,” the statement added.