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Marib Being Liberated from The Slaves of Saudi Riyal

Marib Being Liberated from The Slaves of Saudi Riyal
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By Yahya Salahuddin

Yemen – Marib, the city of history and civilization, is heading toward being entirely liberated from the slaves of the Saudi riyal, and the greatest Satan. This is the next time after being previously liberated from the worshippers of sun.

Marib is returning to the nation, although this is being delayed due to siege and the al-Qaeda terrorists and mercenaries using civilians as human shields.

But the city will be cleaned in the coming days with the appropriate way. It is just a matter of time to save civilian lives. However, other directorates and areas, including the Marib Dam, which is some six kilometers away of the city. All other areas were restored by the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees after years of the mercenaries’ control.

The old Marib is the Yemeni secret of the past and the present, it is the place which whenever attacked by deception, it will be rescued either by a prophet or a guardian, just like the days of the Kingdom of Sheba.

Yemenis would never keep their arms folded in front of the Arab Zions attempts to control Marib. They would neither accept keeping the holy cities of Mecca and Medina controlled by the House of Saud who are not eligible to be in charge of those pure sites. Muslims are tasked with removing this malign family from the holy sites, just like the cursed tree that must be uprooted.

For Yemenis, Marib is a symbol of civilization and authenticity. Yemenis would neither leave the city suffer from the worshippers of sun, nor remain under the control of the worshippers of the Saudi riyal. It is the city that was not abandoned by Prophet Solomon [PBUH] who saved it from misguidance. Marib is the same city that was nowadays, protected by the Ansarullah from the mercenaries who worship the great Satan.

The strong and brave army have stood up to defend the dear beloved city of all Yemenis.

The men of Allah, the resistance fighters in Marib are wiping out the darkness brought to the city by the invaders and the mercenaries, restoring the Shaba civilization that would be shameful to remain in the hands of a bunch of agents who accepted to be enslaved by the Saudi cash and the great Satan, the United States.