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Lebanese Army, Hezbollah Intercept Intrusive ‘Israeli’ Drones South Lebanon

Lebanese Army, Hezbollah Intercept Intrusive ‘Israeli’ Drones South Lebanon
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By Staff, Agencies

The Lebanese Army and Hezbollah resistance men opened fire late on Monday at intrusive ‘Israeli’ drones in two separate areas.

The Lebanese army fired at an ‘Israeli’ drone flying over an army post in Meis al-Jabal, al-Manar TV said late on Monday.

The Zionist forces fired flares at the border with Lebanon, near Meis al-Jabal, but no injuries were confirmed, according to witnesses.

Hezbollah military media also said in a statement that an ‘Israeli’ drone violated on Monday at 22:40 the Lebanese airspace over the outskirts of the town of Blida in southern Lebanon.

The enemy’s drone was targeted with the suitable weapons, according to the statement which added that the ‘Israeli’ occupation troops fore flare bombs in the area, al-Manar reported.

The statement added that the Resistance forces targeted on the same day another drone which violated Lebanon’s sovereignty over the same area at 15:30, obliging it to back off to the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories.

‘Israeli’ occupation troops were seen holding bulbs and searching off the area over which the two drones were targeted.