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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr Leaders’ Anniversary

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr Leaders’ Anniversary
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Translated by Staff

Hezbollah’s Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's full speech marking the martyrdom anniversary of Hezbollah martyred leaders.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

God Almighty says in His Glorious Book: In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. {Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment.} God Almighty has spoken the truth.

We meet once again this year on the martyrdom anniversary of our martyred leaders, who pledged allegiance, struggled, were martyred, and attained great victory. This year, the anniversary coincides with the Hijri month of Rajab. In this holy month, there are many important religious occasions associated with the Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace) and his pure household (peace be upon them). These occasions require our attention and must be marked, taking into account all health measures. We must also point to the forms of worship specifically for the month of Rajab, including fasting, supplications, and invocations. The doors of repentance are opened. It is an opportunity that must be seized.

This is regarding the month of Rajab. When it comes to the month of February, there are several political occasions that I have grown accustomed to mentioning at the beginning of my speech in the past few years before delving into tonight’s topics. Among the most important occasions are the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran led by His Eminence, the late Imam Khomeini, and the establishment of the Islamic Republic. It’s been 42 years since that victory. The Iranian people, the government, the state, and leadership were subject to wars, sanctions, conspiracies, and blockades. But they persevered. Iran even achieved development at all levels and become a regional superpower to be reckoned with.

The Iran model, since its victory on February 11, 1979 to this day, always stands as a divine and rational argument for all people and all nations in the world – it’s present in the squares and shows that through unity, hard work, diligence, jihad, sacrifices, steadfastness, and continuity, a person, a people, or a nation can preserve its national entity as well as its religious, patriotic, and human values. It can also maintain its independence, sovereignty, natural resources, capabilities, dignity, pride, freedom, and honor, and have a place among the developed countries in the region and the world.

Another occasion that took place in February is the blessed uprising of the people in Bahrain. We are now on the heels of the tenth anniversary. The Bahraini people launched their uprising under the leadership of their honest and sincere scholars, led by His Eminence, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim. This oppressed people took to the streets to peacefully demand their basic rights. In return, they paid the price and are still paying the price. Among their many enormous sacrifices are martyrs, wounded people, and thousands of prisoners. Their scholars, symbols, leaders, youth, and women have been detained. They are still fighting until this day. Today, they are raising their voices loud to return Bahrain to its natural place in the Ummah after its corrupt and tyrannical rulers turned the country into a base for normalization with the Zionist enemy and conspiracies against the Palestinian cause and the nation’s sanctities. We offer our prayers and support and greet this dear and steadfast people who are resolutely staying on their path.

Around this time of year, the city of Sidon and its surroundings were liberated through resistance, all the resistance, and by the resistance of its honorable people. This city gave many of its sons to martyrdom, and it was an essential partner in the resistance, militarily and politically as well as at the popular and jihad levels.

We come to our occasion, the martyrdom anniversary of the martyred leaders. Our slogan this year is: “The Main Will: The Resistance and Its people.” We can also say: “Preserving the Resistance and Its people.”

First, I would like to speak about the occasion. Then, I will delve into the internal situation. I would also like to touch on the regional situation, which comes in the end when we have little time left. There is something we should talk about, and I’ll say a few words regarding the regional situation.

Whenever I speak on this dear occasion, the martyrdom anniversary of our martyred leaders, including the master of the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance Sayyed Abbas Al-Mousawi, his virtuous and knowledgeable wife Um Yasser, and their child Hussein, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and the great jihadist leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, I always start by highlighting the many characteristics they had in common.

Today, I also want to refer to some of these common characteristics because when we talk about them we always present them as role models to our children and grandchildren as well as to the present and future generations. And this is one of the objectives of marking this occasion every year.

One of the characteristics these dear and great leaders had in common is devotion to the project of resistance. In other words, dedication to the resistance project, the resistance movement, and the struggle of the resistance. Meaning none of these great leaders had any other project, any other goal, and any aspiration. Their mind, heart, soul, emotions, existence, and their being were dedicated to this resistance. Therefore, they were martyred in their youth, and they began this resistance and were on this path in the prime of their youth. They worked day and night. They never despaired or got tired and bored.

Usually, when people grow old, they start to get bored. These leaders, however, are our school because they never got bored or tired and never weakened and backed down despite the difficult circumstances that surrounded the resistance from 1982 until 2008 (i.e. the martyrdom of Hajj Imad). Sheikh Ragheb lived through very difficult circumstance. So did Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad.

The current circumstances the resistance is experiencing are better. Our capabilities are highly developed - they are great and comfortable in some respects. But that stage was difficult and harsh. They endured a lot. We used to say that Sayyed Abbas’s house was his car. He used to sleep and eat in his car. He was always on the move from one area to another and from one axis to another. Hajj Ridwan always moved from one arena to another. Sheikh Ragheb went from village to village. They never left the battlefield. Sheikh Ragheb remained under occupation. He could’ve been killed at any moment, yet he never left the south. Sayyed Abbas was always on the move. He always knew that he might get killed or assassinated at any moment. Same thing with Hajj Imad. Yet that did not prevent them at all from continuing their work.

So, devotion, dedication, and giving all the effort and all the time to serve the resistance project, the resistance movement, the resistance goal, and the development of the resistance were the main and common characteristics they enjoyed.

Another aspect that I would like to highlight on this occasion is the commandments of these martyred leaders, which we and the future generations must safeguard. Therefore, we are entrusted with their wills.

"Shaking hands is a confession, and a stance is a weapon." This was not just a sentence Sheikh Ragheb said. When southern Lebanon, almost half of Lebanon, was filled with tens of thousands of “Israeli” officers and soldiers and thousands of “Israeli” tanks, Sheikh Ragheb refused to shake hands with an “Israeli” officer or soldier. He refused to shake hands. He did this not while he was sitting or when there was safety and security. His actions were similar to the saying that “the best forms of Jihad is to speak a word of truth in the face of an unjust ruler.” What then if this oppressor is “Israel”, the Zionist occupier and usurper?

So he took the stance: “Shaking hands is a confession, and a stance is a weapon.” This stance is in itself a weapon in this battle. It is one of the strongest weapons in this battle because having such a position was a guarantee for the rise of the resistance. It was the reason the resistance transformed into an armed resistance and a one that is developed. But if this intellectual, cultural, and psychological position did not exist and instead there was an acceptance of aggression, leniency with the occupier, fear of the occupier, and submission to its dictates, then there would have been no basis and meaning for the resistance.

Today, we need the position of Sheikh Ragheb in order to confront the normalization plot, which I will talk about at the end of the speech in the regional part, God willing.

We also have a responsibility towards Hajj Imad’s will. His only  concern was the development of the resistance’s infrastructure in terms of quantity, quality, numbers, thought, experience, spirit, culture, courage, and determination. This responsibility is assumed by his brothers as they continue the path, and praise be to God this resistance is developing. Meanwhile, the enemy is watching out for the resistance more than a friend does because its considers it a threat. Brothers, companions and students of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh have taken this matter upon themselves. They promised him on the day of his martyrdom that they would continue this path, and this matter will continue, God willing, in all dimensions, areas, and arenas.

Sayyed Abbas’s will has always been to preserve the Islamic Resistance. This is our absolute priority. This priority rules over our behavior, our positions, our alliances, our performance, our satisfaction and anger, and our calm and discontent. The people fully understand this priority.

Here, we are preserving the will of the Master of our martyrs Sayyed Abbas and also serving the people. Therefore, this year's slogan was the main will – the will of Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad who were very close to the people. All of them served the people and remained by their side. This is also a responsibility and a commandment, and Hezbollah follows all these directives stemming from its belief, faith, as well as its religious, Islamic, and moral approach. Therefore, we believe that serving the people, God's children, or God’s creations is the one of the greatest forms of worshipping Allah Almighty.

Of course, providing people with food or drink is also part of the service. But the most important and greatest service is to preserve their existence and to defend their survival, their blood, honor, possessions, money, freedom, dignity, the land they live on, the sovereignty of the homeland that protects them. We must also defend them in the face of poverty, injustice, and tyranny. All of these are part of serving God’s creations. Some understand serving the people is the direct social work. This is one aspect. But there is a greater and far more important aspect – it is when groups of Mujahideen come forward to defend our land, our sanctities, our honor, our women, our girls, our sons, money, dignity, freedom, sovereignty, and the homeland. This is a service provided to God's children and to these people.

God willing, we will carry abide by this will and continue to work by it in all fields. When a Zionist threat, a terrorist threat, or a takfiri threat threatens our people and our country, we must not hesitate to defend these honorable people and worry about them. Whenever we were able to be by their side and serve them, we have done so and will always do, God willing.

On the same note, I’ll delve further into some topics. I’ll start with internal matters and move on to regional ones. Of course, I’ll speak quickly in order to cover all the topics.

Internal matters:

1- Internationalization of Lebanese Affairs:

The first topic is the issue of internationalization. This topic is made up of two parts.

a- The first part: A few days ago, we heard from more than one deputy – and I was told of another deputy – directly threatening His Excellency the President that if he does not sign on the formation of the government, they will seek an international resolution under Chapter VII of the United Nation Charter. I would like to say that this position is reprehensible and rejected. Any talk of an international decision under Chapter VII is a call for war and destruction. It is calling on foreign forces to occupy Lebanon. We cannot be silent on this matter. This is no joking matter. This is a much larger issue than all the political sparring, the existing local political disputes over the government, or the disagreement over a criminal investigation,  elections, an electoral law, etc. This is one thing, and someone talking to us about an international decision under Chapter VII is a completely different thing. Therefore, there is no place for courtesy or indulgence when it comes to this matter.

b- The second part: The idea of internationalization in general is not up for discussion – for example, to have the United Nations, the UN Security Council, or the international community solve Lebanon’s problem. We must also be very clear regarding this matter. We have seen that internationalization in this sense harms Lebanon and complicates issues. Let us assume that there are a lot of countries that are not interfering in Lebanon’s affairs, but there are also countries accused of interfering in Lebanon’s affairs for its own interests. However, taking this matter to the UN Security Council will involve all the countries of the world and their interests and will make matters more complicated and difficult. In addition, internationalization goes against sovereignty, and it may be a cover for a new occupation.

I would also like to draw the attention of those who are thinking about internationalization or advocating internationalization. When the file goes to the big guys, what guarantees do you have that they will take into account the interests of Lebanon? To them, “Israel’s” interest as well as the interests of the hegemony of the American project over the region are top priority. Hence, through internationalization, the door can be opened wide for the resettlement project, the resettlement of Palestinian refugees, which the Palestinian refugees and the Lebanese people unanimously reject.

Internationalization may impose on Lebanon this option, a similar one related to the displaced Syrians, or another option related to the demarcation of the maritime borders with occupied Palestine, which means with the enemy. Unfortunately, there will be a loss of land, borders, and water at this stage. Then you tell the people this is an international will, what can we do? No, this is a dangerous entrance, with all due respect to those who are raising this idea. We are not attacking anyone here, nor are we complimenting anyone on a personal level. We are talking about a political situation, and there is no room for compliments, shyness, or indulgence.

I say clearly that we reject any form of internationalization, and we believe that it is harmful and even dangerous to Lebanon’s present and future. There is no problem when seeking the help of a friend when in trouble, on the condition that he be a friend. But the real bet must remain on the serious endeavor among the Lebanese to address their problems and crises. Internationalization will not solve our problems, it will only worsen them.

Quite frankly, allow me to also say that we feel that proposing the idea of internationalization is for bullying purposes. Some Lebanese want to bully others. One form of bullying is taking the Lebanese file to internationalization. I would like to stop here. I mentioned this topic to point out our position clearly and frankly.

2- The accusation and media hype:

The second file is related to the accusations and the media hype that prevailed in the past two weeks.

Whenever an incident occurs in Lebanon, small or large, sometimes outside Lebanon, a well-known media and political group direct accusations and insults against Hezbollah and the resistance in Lebanon. This group employs social media networks as well as all the local and Arab media outlets complicit with it in this matter.

I would like to divide what this group does into two parts.

The first part is related to what these people say and do. It consists of insults, obscene language, etc. that lack any sense of logic or reasoning. The second part is related to what they are talking about and the way they are presenting it to the people – providing logic, evidence, argument, and proof.

The following is my comment on the first part.

1- These form of insults and cursing reflects the morality and psychology of these people. Any person directing insults and using obscene language is only expressing himself and his nature – every vessel exudes what is in it.

2- Directing insults also reflects weakness and helplessness. Those directing insults at others are weak and helpless. Those who have something else do not resort to insults and cursing. It is a sign of frustration. When a person is angry and frustrated and wants to express this anger and frustration but cannot do anything because he is weak and helpless, he resorts to directing insults, cursing, and using foul language.

3- I tell this group that their insults do not affect us at all. They only solidify our conviction of the truth we are calling for. We are the followers of prophets, awliya, imams, and mujahideen who have long been cursed and insulted throughout history on pulpits and minarets. Some were insulted very harshly, but that did not affect them. Rather their faith, affirmation, and insistence on their beliefs became firmer.

4- I call on the supporters of the resistance and the public who love this path not to reciprocate the insults with more insults because we are not people who direct insults. But certainly, this is not at all a call to be silent.

I'll talk about the second part, but it often doesn't happen. But sometimes, as a result of emotions, a person might resort to directing insults and using foul language on social media or during an interview. We must be strong and in tune with our beliefs and moral values. First off, we do not need this manner, and secondly, we are not weak, helpless, nor frustrated. Therefore, there is no need for this behavior. We must also be in harmony with ourselves, our morals, our values, and in the way our prophets (peace be upon them) dealt with all the campaigns of accusations, insults, and harm. The second part is most exhausting because this group seems to you to be speaking with logic and presenting proof.

I will mention some of the arguments or topics that have been used not only in the past two weeks, but also in recent years in many of the events – whether in murder incidents or the bombing of the Beirut port, for example. We used to hear some arguments that are in fact flimsy ones. Allow me to tell you that since God created Adam (peace be upon him), there have been laws as well as family, tribal, and social customs and traditions. But what is taking place with us in Lebanon has nothing to do with all the laws, traditions, and customs.

I will mention some examples to avoid making a single statistic. In the whole world, the law says that a person is innocent until proven guilty, except in Lebanon. When it comes to Hezbollah, this group believes otherwise. To them, Hezbollah is guilty until proven innocent. From the beginning of creation to this day, has there been anyone who acts in this way! This is a religious rule, a legal law, a tribal rule. This is one of the strangest rules. You are in responsible.

The second rule is also one of the strangest rules – “You are the killer until you reveal to us who the killer is.” In the whole world, there is no such thing. Regarding the Beirut port blast, Hezbollah caused the explosion. Hezbollah is responsible for the explosion until it reveals to us who was responsible. I’d like to ask the diligent jurists, judges, and scholars: is there such a thing in this world? Two weeks ago, they intensified this rhetoric. It was generalized to them from one room. Even though there are rifts among them, but the instructions came that everyone should speak the same language and in the same way.

A third rule they saw fit was that any incident that occurs in your area of influence, you are responsible for and are accused of being behind until you reveal the opposite or the opposite is revealed. Is there anything like this in the world! Meaning if an accident happened in a country, people would accuse the president and the government of committing the crime because it happened in area where that is under the control of the state. Is there such a thing in the whole world? It only happens with us.

First: This rule is wrong and has no legal, rational, or logical basis.

Second: It’s opposite can be true.

Third: Would you accept that we apply this rule to all incidents? That is to say, every incident that occurs in an area where a political party or group has influence, that party or group is responsible until they reveal to us who the killer or the bomber is. Would you accept applying this to all the areas? Please, let's open a new account. This is illogical. They also address the supporters of the resistance and the media professionals who support the resistance – you want to convince us that “Israel” is killing its agents, that is, “Israel” is working for Hezbollah and killing its agents. This is the strangest statement.

First, we did not say that whoever was killed here or there was an “Israeli” agent. Hezbollah has never accused any of these of being an “Israel’s” agents. You are the ones saying that they are “Israel’s” agents. We did not mention that, and we never discussed this topic. Second, you claim to be educated, well-informed about technology, and have a lot of libraries. There are many memoirs of many Mossad officials and articles that are still being written in the “Israeli” entity and in some newspapers. Books have been issued talking about a certain stage. Go ahead and read them. I will suffice with the following.

“Israel” does not only kill its agents, but it also kills its people and Jews to serve its project. This exists, and I don't need to take up your time explaining. “Israel” killed the Jews in Egypt. This is found in investigations, trials, studies, and notes. There are Egyptian Jews who did not accept to emigrate to Palestine. So, “Israel” resorted to carrying out killings and bombings in order to force these Jews to emigrate to Palestine.

There were also killings and bombings of Iraqi Jews to force them to emigrate to Palestine. In Eastern and Western Europe, “Israel” also carried out operations of this kind.

Some Western countries, such as Britain, supported the “Israeli” project. In the 1950s and 1960s, “Israeli” gangs and agencies carried out bombing and killing operations against Westerners who supported “Israel” in order to drive a wedge between Egypt and these Western countries or between an Arab country and those countries. This exists, and you know history.

Do you even know anything about “Israel”, the Zionist project, and the massacres these gangs committed against Muslims, Christians, Arabs, and Jews who refused to emigrate to Palestine and rejected the idea of the state of “Israel”? There were many Jews in the world who had this belief. They were massacred, bombed, and killed. Yes, the “Israeli” mind is capable of this. Do not be surprised. If you’re surprised is because you are ignorant and lack information about events that took place in history. I will move on to other topics.

In any case, everything that I answered has been answered during the past few days by politicians, journalists, and in social media. Much has been discussed and refuted. I am only doing part of my duty and job. We believe that what these people are doing is systematic targeting that has been going on for years. It’s a deliberate and paid targeting managed by black rooms. Frankly, we have all the documents to back this claim and to show if we spoke on TV stations or to the media. This is all clear.

We certainly have the logic, and we fight the argument with an argument. This matter will not affect us, nor will it affect reasonable and fair people in this country. In any case, the objective of this campaign which is to harm the awareness of the supporters of the resistance and to distort the image of the resistance that they love, adore, and believe in has failed, thanks to God Almighty. The past few days have proven that the supporters of the resistance – through what they expressed in the media, on the street, and in social networks – are even closer to the resistance, sensing its grievances, and are more willing to defend it and stand by it.

On this occasion, it is my duty to thank all the supporters of the resistance, all the media professionals and politicians, all those who expressed their opinion, and all the friends who defended the resistance whether on social media or in the media. They faced these accusations and refuted them. They expressed their sincere, strong, and noble emotions towards the honorable resistance, which sacrificed its best leaders, men, scholars, women, sons and daughters as martyrs for the dignity of this country.

In the context of this confrontation, if any of our supporters reacted or used inappropriate language in the past few days, it is not acceptable to count it against all the supporters of the resistance. This behavior must also be addressed.

I tell you, this attack happens whenever a small or big incident occurs. Therefore, Lebanon and the entire region are prone to these developments. We must expect something similar. We must always be prepared to withstand such an attack, confront it, refute it, and thwart it and transform the threat into an opportunity.

3- Additional comment on the port blast

The third file is close to the second in the subject matter. It’s a continuation on the port blast.

In my last speech address, I spoke about the port explosion and said that our information says that the technical investigation has ended and that the Lebanese army has sent this results of the investigation to the judge. The Internal Security Forces did something similar and sent their investigation. This means that the investigation has ended. They also employed American, French, and German experts. A lot of experts were employed. Great, let them reveal to us the results of the investigations and the technical report.

At that time, I asked that the army command and the Directorate of the Internal Security Forces as well as the Judiciary to kindly announce the results of the investigation because announcing the results is very important to the country. It is important at the media level, the political level, the psychological level, and also on that the emotional level. It is important for the families of the martyrs, for the wounded, for those whose homes were destroyed, and those who lost their livelihoods to know the cause of the explosion.

After my address, our brothers followed up on the matter. The side within Hezbollah concerned with matter followed up with the leadership of the Lebanese Army, with the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces, and even with the Presidency of the Republic. Everyone told us that usually or legally when a report is issued and is presented to the judiciary, it becomes within the responsibility of the judiciary. The army nor the ISF cannot announce the results.

We want the results. We are not randomly accusing anyone of being responsible. Hence, the matter is with the judiciary now. The concerned judicial authority’s duty – and I reiterate the request – is to announce the results of the technical investigation of the Beirut Port blast. It is the right of the Lebanese people and the public – not only in Lebanon, but in the whole region – who were misled with your lies and delusions to know the truth. What was in the port? What is the story of the port? How did the explosion in the port happen? After that you can blame the responsible party. Let matters take their natural course. I reiterate the demand and insist on it.

I would like to add something. During this period, some of the martyrs’ families and those whose homes, stores, and cars were damaged during the blast informed us that they had insurances with some companies. These insurance companies are both local and foreign or local that depends on foreign companies. These people paid their insurance. Others had life insurance and insurance on possessions.

However, more than six months have passed since the port explosion, and the results of the investigation have yet to be released. Insurance companies have not yet paid people. They are asking the people to wait for the results of the investigation to see whether it was a military attack or a terrorist attack. So, people are paying insurance, but insurance companies are not paying people. And this is according to the nature of the contract and the laws. I do not know many details about the subject, but people have brought up this matter to us, and I wanted to shed light on it tonight.

We were told that the value of the insurance money that must be paid to the families of the martyrs, to the wounded, to those whose homes, properties, or vehicles were destroyed could be close to a billion and two hundred million dollars. This money should reach the people. Can you imagine these foreign insurance companies paying these sums to these families? This sum will change people’s lives. what will it do to the area that was threatened? Thus, this is a vital matter. In addition, it is the people’s natural right. It is vital to Beirut and the whole country. Despite this, everyone is still waiting.

What is even worse is that some people told us a few days ago that some insurance companies sked them to sign a contract; the company will pay them 30% of their entitlement, and if the blast turned out to be a terrorist or military attack, they will have to return the money. If the blast turned out to be something else, then they’ll just get 30% of their insurance money and will lose the remaining 70% which is their natural right. Frankly, many of these families have suspicions and doubts. It is their natural right to have suspicion and doubt the insurance companies and the relevant judicial authority.

So today, announcing the results of the investigation has now become a source of relief for the thousands of families who lost loved ones, had members injured, whose homes were damaged and property destroyed. What is the judge waiting for? What's the reason? What will announcing the results of the investigation change in the equation? It will change nothing. The results will be taken as a basis to hold people responsible for the blast. The rest of the summonses will depend on announcing the results since the technical result has become clear.

I reiterate that this is vital. We cannot remain silent because it only contributes to more suffering.

4- Formation of the government

This file concerns the formation of the government. I don’t think that there is anyone who does not want to the government not to be formed. I will summarize. People usually accuse each other. Some say that the President does not want to form the government and that he wants the situation to remain like this until the end of his term. Others say that the prime minister-designate does not want to form the government and wants to remain under the mandate waiting. Others accuse Hezbollah of not wanting to form the government because it is waiting for an Iranian-American nuclear deal.

The following is our assessment of the situation since we are directly involved and are following up on the matter. We believe that no one is allowed to accuse anyone of not wanting to form the government. Everyone wants to form the government, and I am not complementing anyone. In fact, we have seen that everyone wants the government to be formed. In the past, the delay in the formation of the government was blamed on several things – waiting for an Iranian-American nuclear deal, the US elections, Biden taking office. The nuclear deal is a lengthy research, the elections are over, and Biden took office. So if anybody is waiting for something, what is it?

So, I consider the first point to be positive since it is no one’s intentions not to form the government soon. Yes, everyone wants the government to be formed according to their opinion and in a way that suits them. This is normal. It is in everyone's interest that this government is formed. The talk about waiting for an Iranian nuclear deal is baseless and nonsense.

The recent statements of some officials revealed what the real problem or problems are. It is not permissible for us to wait for foreign actors. These actors are not going to be able to address this matter if we do not address it ourselves. This will not lead to results and we are only wasting time. yes, these foreign actors are discussing the matter, and some are providing ideas and bringing ideas closers. However, waiting pressure from foreign actors, I think might force some people to hold on to their convictions or their positions.

We must not despair of the possibility of reaching a solution. Media escalation does not help. Adding fuel to the fire does not help. The high public ceilings only complicate the issue. Due to the prevailing atmosphere in the country that is the result of the different political positions, some media outlets seem to want to hold the President responsible for everything. This is not fair. Everyone is responsible and must work to address this matter.

We understand, for example, the insistence of the prime minister-designate – since all the responsibility is placed on the president, let us put some of that responsibility on the prime minister-designate – as well as that of the Ministry of Interior. Yes, we understand why the prime minister-designate wants to name. The Hezbollah-Amal duo understands the position of the prime minister-designate, the President, or anyone else. When the duo insisted on the Ministry of Finance and asked the everyone else understand their choice, it is only right that we understand their position. We are not putting any conditions when we say we understand. We also understand that there is concern or rejection from some political parties regarding the position of the prime minister-designate or anyone else because it is not right for one party to have the power to disrupt. In previous governments, there was no party that had the power to disrupt. There might have been one side that was made of two, three, or four parties. This we understand. But we do not understand is the insistence on forming an 18-minister government. Why can’t it be made up of 20 or 22? It’s not a problem. Governments in Lebanon have always been made up of 30 ministers, so why the insistence on 18 ministers?

I will not discuss from the beginning. We’ve always been honest during internal discussions. At the beginning, we agreed with 18 ministers, and we accepted many things that we do not usually on the grounds that the country cannot bear anymore postponements. However, since we’re already a month, two, three and four late, why insist on 18 ministers? Having a 20 or 21-minister government will allow for more negotiations, solutions, and reassurance and bring back confidence. In addition, there are people in the Khaldeh district who feel that the purpose of having an 18-minister government is to eliminate or exclude them. Having a 20- or 22-minister government will bring reassurance to the country. No one will feel excluded, eliminated, or targeted.

Tonight, I hope that this point will be reconsidered for the sake of the country. I think reconsidering it might pave the way for possible or reasonable interventions or treatments that take us out of the dead end and allow the formation of the government. Therefore, we must all cooperate and address this issue.

5- Hezbollah’s relationship with its allies

The last file I will talk about that is related to the internal affairs is our relationship with our allies since it has been raised a few weeks ago.

It’s been 15 years since the understanding between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement was signed in the Mar Mikhael Church. 15 years have passed since the understanding, an understanding that had very great positive aspects. We talked about this on more than one occasion, so I won’t be repeating. We wanted this understanding to be the basis for broader understandings with other political forces. Many wagered on the failure of this understanding – the two parties will disagree, and thus, the understanding or this form of alliance will not continue. However, it has persisted and lasted for 15 years. Many have also worked to cause it to fail. Some people worked relentlessly – putting media, psychological, and political pressure on us as well as embarrassing us – and employed any incident to bring down this understanding and alliance. But they failed because the understanding and the current alliance are strong.

When we talk about 15 years in a country where alliances, understandings, friendships, and enmities change, where people easily move the gun from one shoulder to another, yet this [understanding] is steadfast; and this is a very positive point. The understanding achieved some interests for Lebanon as a homeland and for both sides, meaning no one can say that the Free Patriotic Movement was the only one who benefited from the understanding or vice versa.

Both parties have benefited from this understanding, and this is normal in every alliance. It is easy to count and define the interests that were achieved, whether at the national level or with regard to each party. We are both keen on the continuation of the understanding, as Hezbollah and the FPM officials noted. We are both convinced of the need to develop the understanding, and this needs a quiet and internal discussion. We have already conducted some exchanges in this context.

Tonight, I will be frank with everyone. I will mention some remarks. When the FPM or its officials issue a public statement that includes some negative evaluations or observations, which we might even disagree with, we disapprove of this approach and consider that it does not serve a purpose. On the contrary, it provides material for the conspirators, as we have already seen. The FPM’s recent statement included many positive aspects and emphasized on our relationship, understanding, communication, dialogue, etc. When the party, for example, wanted to make a subjective review regarding the failure of the understanding to building a state, regardless of our evaluation, I will not comment on it but rather discuss it amongst ourselves. This phrase, however, was used by many people, most of which are people that wanted this understanding to fail from February 6, 2000 until this day.

In any case, this is our way of dealing with such matters. Some people say that we do not comment or make a remark. I do not hide that we get upset by this manner, but we also insist that if we had observations or discussions with our friends and allies – the FPM, the Amal Movement – we prefer to discuss matters internally. That’s how members of the same household, friends, and allies deal with things. We do not engage in discussions publicly, we speak as a party and as an official body.

I will conclude with the issue of the social media networks shortly. Thus, I accentuate the strength of this relationship, its preservation, fortification and development in a way that serves the national interest, God willing.

I also want to point out here to our keenness to communicate. Our relationship with all our allies and friends – between Hezbollah and the Amal Movement as well as between Hezbollah and the rest of the political forces and figures – is flawless. But what happens sometimes? Social media platforms are a problem in the country. An individual might take a position and creates an atmosphere among his supporters on social media, then people start attacking each other which gives the impression that there is enmity. But this is not true. This is a persisting problem in the country. I’d like to tell our supporters who are active on social media that we must be very careful and aware. I will be taking about two types. We should not blame everything on the enemy.

There is the enemy comprising “Israel” and the allies of “Israel” and the Americans. They say they have electronic armies that hack names and sites. These armies pit sects against each other – Muslims against Christians, Sunnis against Shiites – and countries against each other.

A few days ago, I think a Jordanian who has a very ugly position against “Israel” was online boasting that he managed to create a group of Arabic-speaking Iranian websites and a group of Farsi-speaking Iraqi websites. He pitted Iraqis against Iraqis. Here, we are talking about Shiites against Shiites. He pitted Arabs against Persians. He was very happy about his achievement and was boasting about it. This is, of course, evidence that this kind of incitement exists. Hence, there is one type of enemy that directly interferes. There is another type of enemy that is not directly involved. It might begin with a tweet that someone wrote. Some people would react to this tweet, then others would respond, and that’s how fights erupt. We must be very careful. 

The other thing that we must not exclude is that we can even find within the parties and movements that are allies and have excellent, existential, and strategic relationships some people that are closed-minded, full of hatred, and are opening old feuds. Such a person might attack you and you respond to him, and you get a fight. Then, the leadership will be forced to set up joint committees in order to deal with this matter.

People shoot each other with rea bullets. But here, they shoot each other with words. In fact, when one sits and takes a look at social media platforms, they’d say no one is with anyone; there are no alliances; no one is friends with anyone; and no one loves anyone. We are not talking within March 14 or March 8, nor them being against each other. This is a strange atmosphere. This is, of course, very dangerous. One might feel that as a result of emotions, anger, and lack of discipline, a civil war might erupt in the country if people were handed weapons. I am not exaggerating. How much more will the people tolerate due to hatred and insults against them and their symbols?

In the end, not all people have the same level of insight and awareness. Some people may have the insight and the awareness, but they do not have the endurance. I feel that sometimes there are people who want the country to explode internally by utilizing what is happening on social media platforms. This, of course, give political forces, scholars, institutions, and organizations as well as their supporters great responsibilities. We must act responsibly. However, this does not mean at all that I’m ask people to remain silent. No, I’m telling them to express their opinions and say what you want but within ethical and religious disciplines – avoid cursing, insults, and accusations.

On the Day of Resurrection, Allah punishes people who backbite [engage in gheebah]. So, do not think that God will not hold you accountable just because you were accusing and insulting someone and pitting people against each other on social media. On the contrary, he will hold you more accountable for that because behind closed rooms, what you said is limited to the listeners, but online, it is like you standing on the rooftop of a building and insulting someone in front of the whole world.

In any case, this is a sensitive and dangerous responsibility. I call on you to strongly engage in social media forums but abide by morals and disciplines and not attack others or their symbols – even if they were our enemies or opponents. This is our Quran and our religion. We must address this matter responsibly and logically, being aware, and resorting to evidence. Why should we resort to other means when our argument and reasoning are strong?

I just wanted to emphasize on this issue and also say that if one of our allies or friends made some kind of mistake, people should not skin them. We are friends and allies, and we should preserve our friendship and alliances. We should advice each other. There is no problem in engaging in subjective and reasonable discussions. There is no need to insult anyone and let such atmosphere prevail. Allow me to say that people disregard all disciplines and verbally insult one another. Concluding this matter, I repeat and say that I am not asking people to be silent. Do not be silent. On the contrary, when you spoke out during the past few weeks, you were in one of the front lines of the resistance. I thank you for that and for having the courage and being responsible. But what is important is that we abide by several disciplines. God will ask us about this on the Day of Resurrection. Meanwhile, in this world, we will achieve the interest of the resistance. We want to defend the resistance even though the resistance is strong and has many supporters.

I will transfer to the regional file, and God willing, I will not prolong, and if I am with the regional file, I will be satisfied with some headings, and in the end there is something related to the “Israeli” file, I will speak two words in it, there is no doubt that there are very important and significant developments taking place in our region and in the world, especially after Trump went Not regretted by the coming of a new American administration, which may have different priorities sometimes, of course they do not differ in the basic objectives, and they differ in the organization of priorities, in the tactics, in the programs and plans, and in some policies, based on previous failures and the available opportunities, so today when we look at To the region, we go out today from Lebanon to comfort ourselves, when I look a little bit at the region that Lebanon is strongly affected by. This is a hypothesis that Lebanon is an island in the Pacific Ocean. This is fictional talk. Lebanon is part of this region and it is an essential part of this region and everything. It is going on in this region that Lebanon is affected by it like it or not. There is a group of addresses and files, of course, by the scene of the region, affecting the region, the country, and all countries. I will mention them not according to importance, but according to what was mentioned when I was writing them.

Regional Developments

I move on to the regional developments. Hopefully, I will not take too long. I will talk about a couple of topics related to the region, and in the end, I will talk about a couple of things related to the “Israeli” file.

There are big and very important developments taking place in our region and in the world, especially after Trump left office – which is not so unfortunate – and the arrival of a new American administration. This administration might have different priorities, but its main goals are the same as previous administrations. This administration might have a different organization of its priorities, programs, plans, and policies that depend on the failures and opportunities.

This region strongly affects Lebanon. The hypothesis that Lebanon is an island in the Pacific Ocean is a fictional talk. Lebanon is an essential part of this region, and everything that happens in it affects Lebanon whether we like it or not. There are several files that affects the region, Lebanon, and other countries. I will mention them but not according to importance.

1- The Iranian nuclear file

It is certainly the top file in the region because there is a new administration, and there could be a new position. There are communications and different positions. The Islamic Republic's position is strong, steadfast, and careful. It was expressed by His Eminence the Leader very clearly, and was echoed by the rest of the officials. Therefore, this is one of the files that the whole region must follow because the path the nuclear file will take, its repercussions, as well as its negative and positive consequences will have an impact on the whole region.

Of course, we must highlight the clear “Israeli” concern when talking about this file. Netanyahu said that they have differences with the Americans regarding the Iranian file. The “Israeli” and Saudi concerns are clear. Hence, this file must be followed up in order to see where it’s going. We can also see fortitude, steadfastness, courage, and dignity from the Islamic Republic in Iran. How long did Trump wait for the Iranians to call him? But the phone never rang. He left office, and still it did not ring. In other words, in the most difficult circumstances, Iran endured the maximum sanctions, fiercest forms of siege, and the maximum threat of war. It did not change its position in defending its interests, sovereignty, and values. This position is still continuous.

2- Yemen

The second file is Yemen. Today, this file is clearly present in the regional arena for many reasons, including the situation on the field situation and the new administration. There are other reasons that we won’t be analyzing due to lack of time. The new administration announced it is halting support for the war [in Yemen]. Whether the required tools for continuing the war are insured in stores or not is another research. But the appointment of a Yemen representative and the announcement itself – even if it was in form – is a positive thing and might open some doors. The brothers in Yemen are cautious, and that’s their right because when the enemy’s war fails, it resorts to ambushing you or planting a bomb beneath you. That’s why they are cautious. In any case, this is a positive door. This means that there is a horizon in the end. I imagine that all this happened as a result of the Yemenis’ steadfastness, endurance to the pain, blockade, diseases, hunger, relentless bombing, and grave massacres, faith, wisdom, and solidity in the confrontation. Today, the people who were silent about the bombings of Sanaa, Saada, etc. issue statements on daily basis stating that the Ansarullah movement are defending themselves and are launching drones or missiles towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country that is attacking them around the clock.

In any case, the Ansarullah, the Yemeni army, and the popular committees are now in an advanced position on all fronts. Today, the Saudis are calling for help. If this front was able to regain Marib, its capture will have a great impact on the promised political solution. In any case, this is the fruit of steadfastness, firmness, sacrifice, and patience. These sincere and steadfast people will reap the fruit of their jihad, God willing. Of course, there is a Saudi and “Israeli” concern here as well as in the nuclear because if the Yemen war ends, it is a defeat and a very big failure for this axis since it was unable to the objectives it set.

3- Syria

The third is the Syrian file. Also, the developments in Syria are important today with the advent of the Biden administration. We will see what will happen to the east of the Euphrates and the Americans. What about the Kurds in the east of the Euphrates and the Americans? The Americans and the Turks? The Christian opposition and the regime in the east of the Euphrates? These are all questions that need answers.

The American brought back Daesh and said that their job is no longer to protect the oil wells but rather to confront Daesh. They brought Daesh to the Qasad camp, Al-Tanf, and Iraq. They train them, then release them in Iraq and Syria. The Americans are doing this because they want to stay in Syria and Iraq.

If we say that the Trump administration wanted to stay here or leave, it seems that the new administration is planning on staying in Iraq. How will they stay in the east of the Euphrates in Syria? What is their argument? Their argument is Daesh. They brough Daesh back. That is why we find Daesh moving in Iraq and has great presence there at a time when people are calling on the Americans to leave because they committed the crime of the era.

In order to block the parliamentary and official demands of the people – the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq – the Americans brought back Daesh. They also brought back Daesh in Syria to fight the axis of resistance as well as the people and the countries in the region. Of course, this will not succeed. God willing, Daesh will be defeated. There are also attempts to bring back Daesh in Lebanon. Hence, any confrontation against Daesh in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon must not be defensive but rather crushingly offensive. The opportunity to bring back Daesh in our region must not be given.

Regarding the Syrian file, there is also the Caesar Act and the threat of a Caesar 2, relying on blockades, sanctions, and economic pressures, and the upcoming presidential elections. How will they deal with these matters? There is also the continuous “Israeli” aggressions in Syria. What objectives are these included in? This is also a file that needs elaboration. We will discuss them later, God willing.

4- Iraq

The Iraqi file concerns the future of the presence of the US forces following the historic crime they committed against the martyr commanders Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, bringing back Daesh, and reviving the internal Iraqi contradictions. This file affects the whole region.

5- Afghanistan

The Afghan file and the negotiations with the Taliban. Will the Americans remain, withdraw, or strengthen their position? The future of Afghanistan will have an impact on the region.

6- Other files

There are also other files, including Turkey and northern Iraq, Turkey and northern Syria, eastern Euphrates, Cyprus, Greece, and the eastern Mediterranean. This is also a file that has implications on the region.

Now I will not talk about Palestine because I will conclude with it in two minutes.

It is clear that the US administration’s priority is China and Russia even if it talked about the Iranian nuclear deal, its options in Afghanistan, and its announcement to stop support for the Yemen war.

China poses a very big threat to the US economically. It has been in the past, how more so this year and the coronavirus pandemic continues. Next year, the difference between China and the United States of America will become greater. The Americans cannot tolerate this matter. It might be that the US administration’s priority is China and Russia that it is trying to approach these files in a different way. It is not from a moral standpoint but rather recognize the fact that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine persevered.

So the Americans are thinking, “how can we realistically approach these files so that we can address the China and Russia issue? Here, I return to internationalization. This is something I forgot to mention.

For people who are calling for internationalization, the whole world is preoccupied with itself, the coronavirus pandemic, the deaths, the disasters, and the difficult economic situation. I read that Britain, for example, is facing an economic decline, unparalleled in 300 years. The whole world is occupied with itself. The whole world’s priorities are elsewhere. If Lebanon was among these priorities, it will be at the bottom of the list. Therefore, we must not wait for the outside world. We must bet on our internal efforts.

7- Palestine and “Israel” – the Deal of the Century

I conclude with the Palestinian and “Israeli” file. Of course, the Palestinian file is strongly present and will be strongly present this year and in the coming years as it was in the past. We must highlight an important point, but it still needs more scrutiny. That is why I will make a cautious evaluation.

1- There are less people talking about the deal of the century now.  Based on my limited follow-up, when Trump left office and Kushner with him (since the deal of the century is Kushner’s file), it appears that he deal ended, is in a state of collapse, or is in a state of decline. This is, of course, worrying for the “Israelis” and the Saudis because the deal of the century triangle is comprised of Trump, Netanyahu, and Mohammed Bin Salman. Kushner is already gone, so the deal has been shaken. 

Today, for example, when we hear that the US Secretary of State does not support the idea of annexing the occupied Syrian Golan to the “Israeli” entity, this means that one part of the deal of the century has been cut. When we hear elsewhere that Al-Quds remains a point on the final negotiation schedule, this is inconsistent with the deal of the century. When there is a talk about a two-state solution, this is not consistent with the deal of the century. The deal was never designed to facilitate a two-state solution. The last state was supposed in Gaza but not in the West Bank or part of the West Bank. Therefore, it can be said that the deal of the century is gasping its final breath and no longer has a place. This is not because the Americans grew a conscience. It is rather due to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and leadership. All the factions rejected the deal of the century and refused to surrender despite being faced with the worst conditions, siege, sanctions, imprisonment, and an official Arab abandonment. They did not back down. The new administration is well aware that this deal has not gone anywhere, and if they want to address the problems of the region, they have to resort to a different approach because the most important priority for them is China.

The natural result for the steadfastness of the Palestinians and the axis of resistance that did not surrender to Trump during the past years is the failure of the deal of the century.

2- The normalization file is also a great challenge. I am following up on the statements of political and military “Israeli” officials and evaluation their positions – whether they are military, security, research institutes, etc.

It is clear that somewhere the “Israelis” are trying to exaggerate the normalization file. This is part of deceiving the “Israeli” public opinion and is related to Netanyahu’s political and electoral gains, especially as he is trying to exploit anything related to the normalization file and the relations with some Arab countries to his favor and employ it electorally. But in any case, we believe that the “Israelis” are exaggerating the way they did during the agreements with Egypt and Jordan.

The Egyptian and Jordanian people are models to us in their position regarding normalization. Of course, the states signed the agreements, but the position of the Egyptian and Jordanian people toward normalization was clear. It was an honorable position that has continued for decades, despite all the difficult circumstances they experienced.

In our opinion, this matter applies to the rest of the people. We saw the position of the Bahraini people through the demonstrations and the statements of the scholars who are inside Bahrain and are threatened with imprisonment and arrest. But this is a decisive position for them. We find the same thing in other Arab countries.

Despite years of occupation, the people in the Golan protested and expressed their position clearly and courageously. Hence, the position of the people who are under occupation and those that are not are the same. There are also Arab countries that are still steadfast like Algeria and Tunisia – the state, the regime, and the people. There are also some non-Arab countries in the Islamic world like Pakistan.

Thus, we saw some Arab countries that stood in line and normalized. This scene was exaggerated. Even in the Arab countries, our bet is on the people, and this is the battle of the people. I tell all these people that you are not required to carry a weapon or a bomb or bleed. You just have to boycott “Israeli” products, not meet with “Israelis”, don’t go to them, and don’t welcome them. This is an act that expresses your religious and national affiliation and interest. Later, those with illusions, such as the rulers of Sudan, will discover that the relationship with “Israel” and normalization with “Israel” did not solve their living and economic problems. The evidence is the past experiences of other Arab countries that normalized and established ties with “Israel” for decades. Normalization had no effect on their economy, livelihood, or development

Some are trying to portray that normalization has begun by showing us that a couple of individuals from certain countries visited Palestine and posted photos of them there on social media. Electronic armies do not express the sentiments of the people. These paid individuals by regimes belonging to these armies do not represent the rest of the people. You are talking to us about tens, hundreds, or thousands of people. But what about the billion and a half Arabs and Muslims? What is their position regarding normalization?

The “Israelis” are giving the normalization issue more than it deserves. But there are realistic people. You cannot rely on this. To Netanyahu and to War Minister Kochavi, what are you going to do in the face of the axis of resistance? You are not even in a state of war with the people you normalized ties with. They don’t pose a threat to the entity or any chance of a liberating Palestine. Hence, it might have a partial and a limited consequence. Nevertheless, it is the duty of the nation and the people to fight the battle of normalization and to revive the slogan of Sheikh Ragheb: "Shaking hands is a confession, and a [taking] stance is a weapon."

3- A while ago, the enemy’s chief of staff gave a long lecture where there was a lot of bragging and talking about the achievements. But  other facts were neglected. He spoke about the region, as if the countries in the region are plagued by the coronavirus while enemy's entity has no problem with the virus. But in fact, they have a real problem. As if the region had economic problems, while they didn’t. However, the numbers point to about one million unemployed there. He tried to cover up that issue and present a natural scene. He’s a military official threatening and trying to launch a psychological war on all the axis of resistance, from Gaza to Lebanon, Syria to Iraq, Iran to Yemen and the whole region.

There is no time now for me to refute everything he said. However, I will just comment on one point. He theorized that the “Israeli” leadership should do so and so. He wanted to portray that they are committed to the law and that they are only hitting military targets. He wants to make a change – if civilians possessed weapons and missiles in any future confrontation, this will allows (the Zionists) to hit these civilian targets. This was the summary of the theorizing he carried out where he used legal terms.

I want to briefly comment on this:

1- Who is he kidding? Since the establishment of the Zionist entity until today, the “Israelis” never followed the law. In all the “Israeli” wars, they’ve destroyed towns and villages, committed massacres, and killed thousands of women, old people and children? Who is he kidding? Isn’t he aware of what happened before he assumed his post? There is nothing new. He claims that he wants to make changes by abiding by the law! You are an entity and a terrorist army that commit massacres. The wars you’ve launched are recent – the July 2006 war as well as the 2008 and 2014 Gaza wars. This talk is ridiculous and is baseless. It is an attempt to present the most heinous terrorist army in human history, the “Israeli” army, as civilized.

2- The second comment is our answer: There is no problem. You can do what you want, and we can do what we want during any confrontation. We are not looking for confrontation. But we will definitely not disregard the blood of our martyrs. We are not looking for confrontation or war. But if you forced a war upon us, we will fight. Let us not go in circles: If you hit our cities, we will hit your cities. If you hit our villages, we will hit your settlements. We have civilians and military men. But according to former “Israeli” military officials, the “Israeli” people are basically an army; they are a reserve army. They go to school, work, and home for 11 months and serve in the army for one month.

You are an occupying entity; all of you are occupiers. Therefore, this division has no place. Yes, we are civilians and soldiers. We will clearly protect our villages from “Israeli” bombings like we did in the nineties via the April Understanding. We will return to the old equation of hitting settlements if anyone today imposed any equation of this kind – if you strike our cities, we will strike your cities since you have military targets in them.

I would like to warn about the threats that we have been hearing lately about days of combat. I would like to warn that even the game of days of combat is a dangerous game for the “Israelis”. No one can guarantee that the game will not lead to an all-out war or to a major war. If a war takes place, the “Israelis” will not need to behave as heroes. The entity’s home front will face something it has never faced since its establishment in 1948. So enough playing with fire, and let the enemy know its limits.

The time when it used to threaten and people remained silent and submissive is long gone. There is resistance in Gaza. He threatened Gaza, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. From Gaza to Lebanon to all countries in the region, this matter cannot be managed in the same old ways decades ago. We are in a different time, in the time of the axis of resistance. Of course, the axis of resistance is quietly and wisely following up and carefully calculating distances. There is no such thing as without calculation and random action.

No one should think, not for a single moment, that everything he said or everything that is happening can affect our will, determination, ability, resolve, accepting a change in the equations, and exposing our country to dangers.

On the martyrdom anniversary of our martyred leaders, we renew the covenant to their pure souls. For all the martyred leaders who joined them, including Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine and martyr Hajj Hassan Al-Laqis, and their pure souls, we renew our commitment and promise to preserve the will, the resistance, and the people.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.