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Saudi Arabia Ranks First in Oppression, Tyranny – Survey Shows

Saudi Arabia Ranks First in Oppression, Tyranny – Survey Shows
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By Staff, Agencies

The Gulf House for Studies and Publishing issued the results of a survey specialized in measuring the degree of political participation in the countries of the Cooperation Council and regarding the classification of Saudi Arabia as a kingdom of repression and authoritarian rule.

Through these results, Riyadh ranked last in the region in the index of political participation in light of the prohibition of political organizations and public freedoms, which constituted a new condemnation of the Al Saud regime, known for its severe dictatorship.

Saudi Arabia recorded a clear decline in several measures, the most important of which is the score "zero" in the political organizations’ scale, and very low scores in measures of constitutional life, general elections, transparency, freedom of opinion and expression, in addition to very complex problems in various of these measures, especially with regard to public freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression.

In this regard, a team of researchers from within the countries of the Cooperation Council worked on preparing the index, in addition to a number of specialists in the study of the Arab region in the Gulf, specifically what is related to political and human sciences. Kuwait ranked first with 535 points out of 1000 points, followed by Bahrain with a score of 451 points, Oman has 440 points, while Qatar scored 405 points, the UAE has 316 points, and Saudi Arabia in last place with 192 points, according to News websites.

The results of the survey indicate a marked decrease in the level of political participation and the ability of citizens in the Gulf countries to participate and contribute to decision-making and public policy-making in their countries. The amount of 500 points, confirms the great need for these countries for civil society institutions, and an effective contribution to correcting this catastrophic defect.

The report indicated that Saudi Arabia is witnessing defects in judicial trials, arbitrary arrests and trials of dozens of citizens on charges related to freedoms of opinion and expression, while all Gulf states recorded modest results in the scale of freedoms of opinion and expression.

According to news sites quoting human rights organizations, the Saudi authorities have arrested six citizens who had Twitter accounts with hidden identities, and revealed that former advisor in the Saudi royal court, Saud Al-Qahtani, threatened opponents that the Kingdom's government had its ways to reach the owners of fake accounts.

International organizations concerned with human rights strongly condemned in their statements the violations of human rights and the freedoms of opinion and expression in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, the country's authorities insist on continuing the approach of arbitrary arrests and violations against opposition activists.