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‘Israeli’ Onomatophobia: Zionist Military’s Fear of Hezbollah Shifts to Wikipedia

‘Israeli’ Onomatophobia: Zionist Military’s Fear of Hezbollah Shifts to Wikipedia
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By Staff

As part of the ‘Israeli’ entity’s advancing levels of fear of Hezbollah, the official Twitter account of the ‘Israeli’ military posted a call on Tuesday for Wikipedia in English to edit its article on the Lebanese resistance movement to reflect its identification by 26 countries as a ‘terrorist’ organization.

The diagnosis, in the Zionist case, would better be onomatophobia, which is the fear of names, in our case it is Hezbollah.

The worth-mocking step exposes how the Zionist occupation entity’s fear has switched from its main battlefield with the resistance group, in military, to the educational one, where it should be the least among the supposed ‘undefeatable army’s’ concerns.

In this regard, some experts claim that Wikipedia is a battleground for competing viewpoints, and the “Hezbollah” page is no exception.

The resistance group’s English Wikipedia entry, which currently describes it as “a Shia Islamist political party and militant group,” didn’t satisfy the ‘Israeli’ military Spokesperson’s Unit, prompting it to to tweet on Tuesday that “it’s time for an update,” calling for the organization’s definition to reflect its labeling as a ‘terrorist’ group.

David Gerard is a veteran Wikipedia editor based in the UK. In a conversation with The Media Line, he explained the argumentative phrasing, as well as Wikipedia’s treatment of controversial subjects in general, saying that the site’s “political position is basically very centrist about things, and always gives both sides of every issue.” Because of this, he said, “you end up with these understated, overly polite descriptions that people may consider quite controversial.”

With controversial issues, Gerard explains, there are editors pulling in different directions and the final product has to be acceptable for all parties. Therefore, the aim is to create readable entries, but better entries could be written.

The editor also points out that Hezbollah’s entry “contains all the information you need.”

Added to its misfortune, the ‘Israeli’ military Spokesperson’s Unit confessed their intrusion in a statement to The Media Line, stating that “our office occasionally looks at Wikipedia entries when the subject matter is relevant to the messaging we want to get across. We do this in order to better understand what information is given to the average individual on the internet and to find misinformation that should be dispelled.”

Further, the Zionist Spokesperson’s Unit claimed that, “It is our hope that our tweet will inspire some of Wikipedia’s editors to update Hezbollah Wikipedia entry by highlighting the fact that Hezbollah has been recognized as a ‘terrorist’ organization by some of the world’s most influential nations, such as the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Canada.”