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Yemen’s Ansarullah: Blacklisting Won’t Affect Our Stance, We’ll Not Compromise

Yemen’s Ansarullah: Blacklisting Won’t Affect Our Stance, We’ll Not Compromise
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By Staff

Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement Spokesman Mohammad Abdul Salam stressed that the international community has rushed to contacting the movement to confirm that the American blacklisting doesn’t concern them, adding that the US is behaving recklessly in all issues.

Abdul Salam further noted that the Yemeni people will continue responding to the Saudi aggression, which is natural.

The spokesman also appreciated the stance of the countries that rejected the American blacklisting of the Yemeni revolutionary movement, stating that: “We know that this blacklisting is due to our opposition to the American and ‘Israeli’ greed.”

The Ansarullah spokesman went on to say that “the hostile American blacklisting is an honor that proves our opposition to their interests, and the US standards have been ridiculous even within the international platforms.

“We are facing and aggression, and what is decided by the leadership and the military is a legitimate and guaranteed choice. If the US took any hostile step, we guarantee and preserve our right to respond.”

Abdul Salam also underscored that “we are not surprised, and we assure our people that this blacklisting won’t affect our stance, and we won’t make any compromises.”

The Ansarullah spokesman concluded that “we remained steadfast against the Saudi and Emirati killing and siege, and we didn’t change our stances,” emphasizing that “this American blacklisting won’t force us to change this stance.”