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First Martyrdom Anniversary of Hajj Qassem Soleimani, Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and their Companions


Al-Bukamal Celebrates Martyr Soleimani: The Day He Raced the Americans to Liberate the City

Al-Bukamal Celebrates Martyr Soleimani: The Day He Raced the Americans to Liberate the City
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By Mohammad Eid

Al-Bukamal - The era of martyr Soleimani, which began with the liberation of the city, will not end with his martyrdom.

The insistence of the people of the city of Al-Bukamal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor to celebrate the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Major General Qassem Soleimani did not come out of the blue.

Residents there recognize martyr Soleimani’s great efforts in liberating their city, which was the last stronghold of Daesh in Syria. He coordinated with the Syrian army and the allies in the axis of resistance, racing American occupation forces to reach the strategic city before them and liberate it.

They came from all over Syria to the city of Al-Bukamal that martyr Qassem Soleimani passed through and liberated every inch of land. Their arrival formed a splendid spectrum that pledged allegiance to the axis of resistance and pledged to preserve it.

Everything here evokes the memory of martyr Soleimani

Those in attendance spoke about the fronts that he went to motivating the fighters to eradicate the Takfiri organization from the city and reach it before the American occupation forces, which created Daesh.

They also remembered that house in Al-Bukamal, which Soleimani used as the headquarters during the liberation of the city. He left a letter of apology to the house owners for having to use it, annotating his noble message with a phone number and indicating his willingness to compensate the owners with a jihadist allowance.

Some of the loyalty

Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Adai, head of the Imam Al-Mahdi [PBUH] Center in the Sayyida Zainab [PBUH] area, and the leader of the formation of the Syrian National Forum in Al-Hasakah Governorate told Al-Ahed News that General Qassem Soleimani was a dear martyr on the path of Imam Hussein [PBUH].

He believes that this great celebration and participation of all colors of the Syrian spectrum, including tribal elders from the area, indicate that the Americans and the Zionists are still taking hits and “that the Syrian population considers the approach of the resistance to be real and sincere."

Sheikh Mahidi Saleh Al-Juwair, the sheikh of the Al-Ubaid tribe in Syria, confirmed to Al-Ahed that the feeling of gratitude towards martyr Soleimani is not limited to the people of Al-Bukamal, but it extends to all of Syria and the entire Islamic world.

“We, the sons of Al-Bukamal, have great love and respect for him, and this respect will persevere forever because it resulted in liberating this city without any civilian casualties. He raced the Americans for it when they attempted to seize it. However, they failed. God willing, we will follow the path of martyr Soleimani, and we will cross east of the Euphrates and expel the Americans and those with them."

Between two eras

Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Dandan, the sheikh of the Al-Akidat tribe and the Al-Hassoun clan, pointed out that the large attendance here in Al-Bukamal at the official, tribal, and civil levels, which includes delegations from Syrian governorates, reflects the level of loyalty to the late Soleimani.

Al-Dandan pointed out that the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army along with the allied forces led by martyr Soleimani made it possible to hold such a huge celebration. He explains that the Americans raced against time in order to capture the strategic city, which is located on the border with Iraq. The US was really the one that was in control of Al-Bukamal via their creation, Daesh.

The people of Al-Bukamal often recalled, with emotion, the great difference between two eras, the era of Daesh that they say will never occur again and the era of martyr Soleimani, which began with the liberation of the city and will not end with his martyrdom.