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UAE, Bahrain Bootlickers Hail ‘Israeli’ Children-killers As ’Defenders of Humanity’

UAE, Bahrain Bootlickers Hail ‘Israeli’ Children-killers As ’Defenders of Humanity’
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By Al-Ahed

In their attempts to outbid the murderer itself, bootlicking members of a UAE-Bahraini delegation that visited the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories in wake of the normalization announcement weeks ago had the ‘courage’ to hail the Zionist children killer army as "defenders of humanity."

As a good proof on their assessment, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights found that 318 Palestinian children been killed as a direct result of ‘Israeli’ military action in the occupied territories.

In 2019 alone, ‘Israeli’ occupation forces killed 38 Palestinians, including 11 children, during demonstrations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, according to Amnesty International.

In the same year, the rights group reported that Palestinian civilians, including children, were prosecuted in military courts that did not meet international fair trial standards.

‘Israeli’ blogger Hananya Naftali conducted an interview with UAE legal adviser Majid al-Sarrah who shamelessly referred to the Zionist soldiers as ‘heroes’ adding “you will only see them in reality as they preserve the lives of many children and women.”

"Many times we met ‘Israeli’ soldiers who are doing a wonderful job in saving lives in many humanitarian aspects. Humanity should thank the soldiers because they protect humanity," he went on in his lies.

Meanwhile, another interviewee, who serves as Regional head of the British Centre for Middle East Studies and Research, the Bahraini Amjad Taha, added: "We went to the Golan and found ‘Israeli’ soldiers protecting the borders and helping Syrian refugees and children."

"Jews, Arabs and people of different sects coexist and work together in harmony within ‘Israel’," he claimed while referring to the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories.

"We must thank these soldiers for their fight against terrorism,” he added.

Amid al-Sarrah and Taha’s false allegations, human rights groups continue to condemn the ‘Israeli’ army's use of undue force against unarmed Palestinians. The occupation entity is also the world’s sole regime that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack fundamental fair rights and guarantees.

The systematic ill treatment and torture of Palestinian children has been widely documented in recent years, with Amnesty International finding that ‘Israeli’ forces had "tortured and otherwise ill-treated Palestinian detainees, including children, particularly during arrest and interrogation", with methods including "beating with batons, slapping, throttling, prolonged shackling, stress positions, sleep deprivation and threats."