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Knesset Rejects Bill Extending ‘Israeli’ Budget Timeline

Knesset Rejects Bill Extending ‘Israeli’ Budget Timeline
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By Staff, Agencies

The Zionist entity’s parliament [Knesset] rejected a bill that would extend the timeline allotted the occupation government to pass a budget early Tuesday, bringing the entity closer to the fourth elections in less than two years.

Proposed by Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and War Minister Benny Gantz’s Blue and White, the bill would have extended negotiations over the entity’s budget to December 31 -- but a vote of 49 against and 47 for the bill toppled it in the plenum overnight.

Blue and White lawmakers who voted against the bill were Asaf Zamir, Miki Haimovich and Ram Shefa. The Likud's Michal Shir, who voted against the bill, announced after that she would join Gideon Saar's New Hope party.

Saar is a former Likud member who left earlier this month, forming a party in opposition to Netanyahu on December 8. Recent polls show him performing well in potential elections at second to the Likud.

The failed vote likely means the nail in the coffin of the current Knesset, as it is slated to dissolve on midnight Tuesday.

Passing the budget is part of the coalition agreement between the parties, yet has been a contentious issue between Blue and White and the Likud. The agreement also stipulated Gantz will be prime minister, a possibility that has long appeared extremely unlikely.

Other issues include Netanyahu's trials over charges of fraud, corruption and breach of public trust -- over which he vehemently denies any wrongdoing.