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Ramadan 2021


Hezbollah Deplores Normalization of Relation between Morocco and ‘Israel’

Hezbollah Deplores Normalization of Relation between Morocco and ‘Israel’
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Translated by Staff, Media Relations

In the light of the normalization of ties between the “Israeli” entity and Morocco, Hezbollah issued the following statement:

Hezbollah condemns the Moroccan authorities’ declaration to normalize relations with the “Israeli” enemy, and believes that it comes in the context of the successive submission of some Arab countries to American and “Israeli” desires to write off the Palestinian Cause and diminish its effects.

Hezbollah considers that the submission of these regimes to the American and Zionist policy of blackmailing in the hope of achieving gains here or canceling sanctions there, are nothing but illusions from which those who are normalizing ties will not gain anything, quickly discovering that they have reaped nothing but disappointment and that their country has become exposed to the “Israeli” enemy and its dangerous plots.

The bet is on the free Moroccan people who resisted French colonialism for many years, as it is on all the peoples of our honorable nation who reject all forms of normalization and which will drop all treacherous agreements; they will be a strong support for the resisting Palestinian people, who are unshaken by all agreements of humiliation and shame, and will continue their jihad until victory and complete liberation are achieved.