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‘Israel’s’ Galilee Division Commander: Hezbollah Improving, Our Biggest Challenge to Understand Them

‘Israel’s’ Galilee Division Commander: Hezbollah Improving, Our Biggest Challenge to Understand Them
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By Staff

Commander of the ‘Israeli’ military’s Galilee Division, Brigadier General Shlomi Binder admitted in a long interview with ‘Israel’ Hayom Newspaper that the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, is improving, adding that the ‘Israeli’ entity’s biggest challenge is to attempt to understand this improvement.

"Of course, I see improvement [Hezbollah]. We are in a fight, and they are also learning from mistakes and trying to get better. They don't do the same thing. Our biggest challenge is to try and understand their improvement process, and to provide a response to that. It's a never-ending race. A fight of who learns quicker,” Binder said.

Elaborating on the confrontation with the Lebanese resistance movement, the Zionist military official added: “This is a complex challenge. In many segments of the border area, Hezbollah enjoys a clear topographical advantage.”

He then noted that it's doubtful the existing barrier can prevent the organization from seizing one of the 22 border-adjacent communities or one of the ‘Israeli’ military’s outposts originally built to counter the Palestinian threat from the 1970s – but are not suitable for repelling an advancing Hezbollah guerilla army.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Binder underscored that “just because you can't infiltrate into the occupied territories underground doesn't mean you can't infiltrate above ground.” There's no impenetrable barrier here that can't be crossed.

Referring to Hezbollah’s anticipated retaliation operation after the ‘Israeli’ assassination of one Hezbollah fighter in Syria, the Zionist official explained: “They intend their attack to be on land, as they've done on many occasions in Syria. We are preparing ourselves for that.”

In a war, he said, the ‘Israeli’ military will want to evacuate the ‘residents’ [settlers] of the border-adjacent communities, a matter that is under constant discussion with the local civilian liaisons, with whom, Binder claims, relations are positive and professional.

Binder, nevertheless, confessed that he always wishes he be two steps ahead of Hezbollah.