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Maher Al-Akhras Embraces Freedom After Hunger Battle’s Win

Maher Al-Akhras Embraces Freedom After Hunger Battle’s Win
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By Staff

‘Israeli’ occupation authorities released Palestinian detainee Maher al-Akhras Thursday morning.

In early November, the Palestinian Prisoner Club announced that the hunger-striking detainee, Maher al-Akhras, has put his hunger strike on hold, after 103 days without eating, following a deal that provides his release on November 26. He was set to spend the remaining period in hospital where he was receiving medical treatment.

In a statement, al-Akhras said that he went for the hunger strike “on behalf of our people and detainees,” adding that “the poor people are killed and detained while nobody is asking about them.”

The liberated detainee stressed that the occupation has been “exposed” through this strike, and thanked all those who stood by him and supported his cause.

Hence, al-Akhras, whose health hardly deteriorated in the last days of his strike, has emerged victorious against the occupation’s supreme court’s decision, which previously rejected all petitions presented by his lawyer to release him immediately, the last of which was in October.

Maher al-Akhras was detained on July 27. He was transferred to the ‘Hawara’ Prison where he started his open hunger strike. He was then transferred to ‘Ofer’ Prison before moving him to administrative detention for 4 months, and the court adopted his detention order later.