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The Bibi-Pompeo-MBS Secret Summit Discussed Striking Iran, Not Normalization: Mujtahidd

The Bibi-Pompeo-MBS Secret Summit Discussed Striking Iran, Not Normalization: Mujtahidd
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By Staff

‘Mujtahidd’, the owner of the famous Saudi Twitter account that leaks information from within the Saudi regime, and who is said to be a member of the royal family, posted a thread of tweets in which he commented on Sunday’s unannounced visit of Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia.

Mujtahidd said that the meeting of Netanyahu and Pompeo with Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman [MBS] didn’t discuss normalization; it was rather a meeting on how to strike Iran.

The meeting aims at preventing Iran from resuming its nuclear activity because the nuclear deal would be resumed after US President-elect Joe Biden, the account said.

“The meeting wants to destroy Iran economically not to become stronger due to lifting the siege during the Biden’s administration,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mujtahidd explained that since the US institutions and people reject starting a war with Iran, the plan will be that ‘Israel’ takes the initiative to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities so that the latter responds. Then, the scenario continues that the US will be obliged to defend ‘Israel’ or its interest, and after that, nobody will object the US’ involvement in the war.

However, this doesn’t mean that the plan will be executed easily, Mujtahidd noted: “There are obstacles inside the US [War] Department and inside ‘Israel’, which may stop this plan.”

Saudi Arabia’s normalization with ‘Israel’ will most probably not happen before Biden assumes office, he concluded.

Pompeo, Netanyahu, and Mossad Cheif Yossi Cohen reportedly took a private flight Sunday to Saudi Arabia, where they met with MBS, according to “Israeli” sources.

Although Netanyahu's office didn't immediately comment on the report. a flight tracker website reported that a Gulfstream IV jet, which Netanyahu used several times on flights to Moscow, took off from the Zionist entity’s Ben Gurion Airport Sunday and landed in NEOM megacity in the Tabuk Province of northwestern Saudi Arabia.