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Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Stronger than Ever ~ ’’Israeli’’ Hands that Attack

 Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Stronger than Ever ~ ’’Israeli’’ Hands that Attack
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Local Editor

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a talk on Martyr's Day Commemoration held by Hizbullah at Sayyed al-Shuhada (pbuh) Compound in al-Roueis, in the presence of officials, ministerial, parliamentary and diplomatic, military and party figures, religious, unionist, municipalities and social personalities... as well as a large public presence.

The following is the full text of that speech:

November 11 is not at all a usual day...

It's Martyr's Day, the day in which the Lebanese remember their martyrs as well as the sacrifices they had paid along the path of freedom and Resistance...

November 11th of every year, we meet to commemorate a precious occasion we had long declared Martyr's Day since the first years of resistance.

Year after year, we stand here on Martyr's Day among the resistance people, in the resistance movement and country to remember our martyrs, as we always do, secretly and publicly, in sorrow and in joy, always recalling them on all occasions and in everything we do, drawing our lessons from their sacrifices and blood.

We recall them in our talks, minds, literature, poetry, art, in our sentiments and in our normal everyday relationships, we recall them and draw inspiration from their souls and sacrifices, through them we motivate our nation, people and ourselves, by learning the lessons of patience, determination and will; we thank them for their efforts and struggle because he who does not thank the creature does not thank The Creator; they offered their lives and chaste blood in order for us to live with honour and freedom, with glory and dignity, security and peace and without favour from anyone in this world.

I imagine them to be few, the resistance movements and states in the world that actually appreciate their martyrs and consecrate them by name, symbolism and deeds as we do. This is not coincidental but deeply rooted in our belief, idealogy, culture, emotions and in our nation's history.

Our belief in our martyrs' value and worth in God's divine plan and the sanctity of their position in that plan, perhaps goes back to our annual revisiting, over centuries, of the highest example of martyrdom in human history, by which I mean Karbala, which may provide some explanations for some aspects of this deep and close association we have with martyrs, through reason and thought, the heart and passion, by commitment, conduct and practice.

Today we salute the memory of the martyrs, not ‘dead' martyrs but martyrs who are ‘alive', because martyrs can not be dead, they are alive now. We congregate here, and the martyrs are alive...When the Holy Quran told us about the lives of the martyrs, it did not speak of them being alive on Resurrection Day only, when all people are gathered to stand before God to face the great judgment, when their every deed is questioned no matter how small or large... on the great day of reckoning everyone is brought back to life, tyrants and martyrs, the righteous and the wicked, the oppressed and the oppressor.

However, here now today, we are not talking about the lives of the martyrs on that Great Day; the Quran speaks about their lives now.

At the onset of Islam, God Almighty addressed those who objected to the mujahideen and the movement of the prophets, those who came out to fight and were killed, were regarded as dead.
God Almighty said "Think not of those who are slain in God's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord" [Quran 3:169] "They rejoice in the bounty provided by God..." [Quran3:170]; meaning they are alive now with their Lord, finding their sustenance rejoicing in God's bounty.

"...And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they (cause to) grieve." Holy Quran [3:170]

Hence Almighty God is talking about the martyrs who are alive, whom have not been joined by the rest of their brethren and companionship. He is talks about martyrs who are alive happily awaiting their brethren, who have been true to their covenant with God and are still happily waiting to join the convoy of martyred friends along the path.

Therefore, there is a predecessor who is among the living, in the midst of life, and there is a subsequent follower.
The martyr predecessor happily awaits the succeeding follower and the sequent follower, insisting on his pledge and truthful promise yearns to join the predecessors, with his heart, mind and feet seeks that meeting, to earn that glorious honor.

To begin, we salute the pure souls of the martyrs, the martyrs of the resistance and the martyrs of the nation, all the nation, the leader of the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance our leader Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, the sheikh of our martyrs of the Islamic Resistance Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and the soul of our beloved brother whom we miss among us today our martyr Commander Hajj Imad Moghnieh...and all martyrs.

On this day we also evoke the self-sacrificing martyrs headed by Ahmad al-Kassir; we also evoke the mujahideen and all the men and women, young and old martyrs of our resistance and those of the resistance of all Islamic and national forces, the army along with the steadfast, determined, proud and patient people of this nation, defenders of the honor, embracing the mujahideen.

On Martyr's Day we evoke the origin of this occasion, the 11th day of November, 1982, the day which was transformed into a title for every martyr and Jihad, for the Resistance's victories and the enemy's lesions.

Why Kassir's martyrdom operation of 11-11-1982 in particular?

Because it was the first operation to express the Lebanese youths' early rise in occupation-resisting action; it was a cry out of the population and the nation, resounding through history, present and to the future, to form the foundation of the long path of martyrdom and Jihad resistance work against the occupation, work that is aware, planned, purposeful, persistent, clear, careful and committed.

Because this operation was a superior humanistic expression enjoyed by the youths and mujahideen of the resistance, by the martyrs and the self-sacrificing martyrdom fighters, who in the fervor of their youth, possess awareness and resolve such as that possessed by Ahmad al-Kassir; additional to that operation being so far the strongest resistance act in the history of the Arab-'Israeli' conflict.

From the beginning of this conflict until the present moment, Martyr al-Kassir's operation remains unmatched in strength.

When martyr Ahmad al-Kassir stormed the headquarters of the 'Israeli' military governor on November 11, `82 completely destroying it, firstly, it was the first martyrdom operation of the kind in which a human being turns himself to a bomb, exploding his body, blood and flesh to destroy the enemies who killed his people, denigrated his sanctities, and wanted to control the destiny and future of his homeland and nation.

Secondly, it was the first martyrdom operation of its kind in the Arab-'Israeli' history, and the strongest, from a military, technical and execution sense, and the heavy losses it inflicted on the enemy, who admitted the loss of 140 ‘Israeli' occupation officers and troops in one instant.

At the time, Begin's government was compelled to announce a 3 day mourning period.
I believe that self-sacrificing martyr Ahmad al-Kassir's operation, named Khaibar operation, carried the symbol and notions of the Khaibar Battle.

11/11/82 formed the foundation for the Lebanese great victory on 25 May 2000, and the even greater victory of July 2006.

Therefore, this day and occasion has become our Martyr's Day, whether the martyr is a leader, a secretary general, a cleric, a commander in jihad, martyrdom fighter, a member in the ranks of the resistance, or killed in the positions of patience, and in the face of Zionist assaults.

On this dear occasion, filled with meanings, values, concepts, emotions and feelings, I would like to address a number of current issues that concern us all.

First, I will address the domestic situation in Lebanon and, of course, all the following titles are linked to the martyrs and the resistance....

On the local level, we support the continuation of reconciliation efforts and the calm, as well as all forms of openness and internal reproach even if painful. We also support reaching out to each other as Lebanese even if everyone remained unmoved in their position, opinion and known alliances.

Calm in Lebanon today as we approach election time is in everyone's interest, a national interest, as I said to everyone I met in this regard, calming the atmospheres is not a decision any one side can claim as a favour it bestows on any other side or group, it is in everyone's interest to have calm political climates in Lebanon, after all that happened, particularly after the election of the President of the Republic, forming a government of national unity and the general thrust towards parliamentary elections.

Not only does a calm prevent sedition and remove tensions, it also helps in setting the positive climates we need in the country, especially that it puts an end to instigation and provocation between rival political factions. Not everyone is required to praise each other, nor is it forbidden to criticize one another's' political stands, but I think if we commit ourselves to a set of moral and political restraints, that every side can express their beliefs and opinions, exercise political activity without insulting the other or straining the atmosphere.

Pacification and reconciliation certainly help conduct parliamentary elections on time. It is normal for us in Hizbullah to insist on holding parliamentary elections on time, since we are the ones in the opposition who have been calling for early parliamentary elections, therefore, it is not logical for anyone to expect a different position from us.
We are calling for the parliamentary elections to be held on time, regardless of the predicted outcomes and results, no matter what opinion polls say, otherwise we have a very serious issue in Lebanon, regardless of the causes!

There is a need to keep away from accusations of postponement or obstruction between the various political forces now, I think holding valid and sound elections on time is in everyone's inertest.

In this context, on the election subject, I must point out two things:
The first: We insist on the demand to reduce the voting age to 18 years.
Brothers and sisters, how old was Ahmed al-Kassir when he opened this historical martyrdom epic and with it renewed Khaibar legend, he was 19 years old, and therefore Ahmad al-Kassir is not eligible to vote according to the Lebanese constitution, such are the martyrs who made the fate of Lebanon over the past decades and continue to do so.
All in all to take advantage of the time we have at hand, I need not dwell on proving the rightness of this demand.

It is the right of every Lebanese youth who has reached the age of 18, to be a full and true partner in the parliamentary elections, just as they are genuine partners in the various activities across the entire political life, in fact they are at the front line and the spearhead in the liberation of the country and in the face of aggression.

Some might say that there are technical or administrative reasons that may not allow these young people to participate in the coming elections; we insist on the brothers the MPs to continue to work to make this constitutional amendment, as we also insist that these young people get to vote in the coming elections, but suppose the technical and administrative reasons are true and accurate, still, amend the constitution as of now, and let these young people retain their right till the next elections.

But any postponement of this amendment now based on logistical or administrative arguments is procrastination and an erasure of one of the youth generation's natural rights owed to it by the parliament, the government and the existing political class in Lebanon.

The second thing, on the question of parliamentary electoral alliances:
Even if this has already been addressed by the brothers, I still find it useful to talk about it as well.

As far as our alliances within the opposition are concerned, we in Hizbullah are committed categorically, decisively and firmly to them, writings here or there are nothing but unfounded attempts to create distortion or confusion. After all, even in parliamentary elections, some parties engage psychological warfare against each other.

Nonetheless, I reiterate our commitment to our allies in the opposition is definitive, final, firm and without hesitation whatsoever, any reconciliatory meeting, calm or frankness in communication, on any level has no bearings on this firm position, when it comes to the level of alliances in the coming parliamentary elections.

The final point:
Regarding the file linked to the internal security situation, recent developments occurred including attacks and bombings that targeted the Lebanese army and civilians in Lebanon and centers and civilians in Syria.

Arrests were made, confessions were broadcasted, accusations were given etc...
In such cases we continue, as we have always been, demanding for serious investigations, based on evidence and proof, where the public has the right to access the facts and be informed of what is happening.

Now there is Syrian-Lebanese security coordination, which we support and encourage at every level. We also call to strengthen and support this coordination, and not to disabled it under any pretext, because it holds the interests and security of both countries.

Today we do not want to pre-empt any investigation, but our position is clear in terms of making sure, justice takes its course away from political accusations. So let there be Lebanese-Syrian cooperation to find evidence, and for Lebanon to observe the laws in arrests it makes or could make, in the laying of charges or making convictions; such matters would require everyone's serious and realistic cooperation.

I will stop at this amount on the internal file to move to the second title, the 'Israeli' situation (the 'Israeli' situation of course in connection to us, to Lebanon, to the resistance).

Brothers and sisters it is clear that since the war ended in July, the Zionists continue to work on more than one line, the first: through continuous training, ongoing military maneuvers, what the 'Israelis' call ‘bridging the gaps' after drawing lessons from the July war, to address the flaws and shortcomings.

That is why since the war we have been witnessing serious and persistent 'Israeli' efforts, constant exercises in the north of occupied Palestine and in the occupied Syrian Golan, on the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine, the latest of the exercises and most extensive was called the ‘Interlocking Arms' Operation.

Why need the ‘Interlocking Arms' operation, to exercise coordination between the various weapons, whether in ‘Israel's' land and air forces, or in its intelligence apparatus, particularly since the most important title that could be given to ‘Israel's' failure in the July war, the lack of coordination between the different 'Israeli' arms.

Incidentally, one example of the most basic headings of 'Israeli' failure was when helicopters were to airdrop supplies to infiltrating groups in their outposts, but instead the supplies were dropped in the wrong positions, sometimes to the mujahideen.
There were mistakes, grave coordination failures; now through this exercise they are trying to address them.

Regarding this ‘Interlocking Arms', the 'Israelis' also say that this maneuver prepares the 'Israeli' Army for a war against Syria and Lebanon, simultaneously, meanwhile 'Israeli' officials at every occasion during the war games and training, come out to make threats (I will come back to this in the following heading).

Therefore, the first heading and first item, is the training and exercises, closing the gaps and the like.

The second heading is ‘Israel's' intensive work underway gathering information:

- From the air, through reconnaissance aircrafts that do not leave our skies, incidentally they are flying in the southern suburbs skies here in these moments

- Through spies networks, strengthening these networks and by intensifying contacts with former agents or recruiting new agents.

The network uncovered recently is one of the many networks operating at more than one level, in more than one locality or region.

Uncovering this network though is considered an achievement on the national Lebanese security level, for which the Directorate of Intelligence of the Lebanese ought to be thanked, it still raises concern, just by considering the character of the network's recruits, and the humanitarian, medical and social service cover used in the espionage operations!

Of course this is why this is a dangerous and serious matter we must become alert to.

The third heading: the operational intelligence efforts to assassinate leaders in the resistance, as happened in the assassination of the martyr commander Hajj Imad or to sabotage the Lebanese interior.

I still insist from the position of understanding, assessment and analysis, and I hope the day comes when the unfolding real clues lead to this analysis, that 'Israel' is behind the many killings taking place in Lebanon, aiming to sabotage the Lebanese interior, to break the national strength and immunity, as this is one of the most effective way that leads to national weakness, thus enabling the enemy to defeat Lebanon.

The fourth heading: the warfare of psychological and intimidation through a variety of means, helped by Arab media, Arab Web sites and some Arab press.

This psychological warfare wants to undermine the resistance movements' confidence, in its leaderships, cadres and communities, attempting to undermine the hopes of the peoples of the region in our resistance movements.

There are way too many examples to mention in the time we have left now, already known to you, as well as a series of persistent lies, inventions and fabrications of facts presented as factual when they are mere illusions.

On the other hand, what to do in Lebanon or what can the Lebanese do?

If we find that the enemy in fact still occupies part of our land, breaches our borders and sovereignty, threatens our security and stability, greedy for our land, water and riches, is seriously working on a daily basis for that day, which we do not know if it will come to pass or not, in contrast, what are the Lebanese doing?

The Lebanese, whose intimidation the Zionists are training on and making preparations to attack them one day, are unfortunately (a little self-criticism here) doing nothing important.

In Lebanon the political forces in general are mired in the internal issues, we are all consumed in the internal political issue; of course we are consumed in the preparation for the next important parliamentary elections.

Of course, the situation is not that simple either, for when we take some of our available elements of strength into consideration, we (the Lebanese) start working on weakening them, claim such elements as absurd or try to interfering with it.

Facing such prospects and challenges, we sure are the keenest and in the greatest need to expedite the resolution of the issue of the national defense strategy.

Unfortunately, some accuse Hizbullah of seeking to postpone this discussion. We insist on settling this discussion and putting an end to it, so that all the Lebanese can know how to build our strength to face the threats, settling this issue is one of the strength points and of the most important elements in confronting 'Israeli' threats and preparations.
But what is happening on the dialogue roundtable and away from it?

During the session before last, for example, His Excellency President Michel Suleiman requested that General Aoun, being a former commander of the Lebanese Army, present his vision of a national defense strategy.

The man worked hard and provided a point of view of a defense strategy, on scientific and academic basis. It was not discussed at the dialogue roundtable, but unfortunately discussed in the media, on political platforms and in political statements, and I wish it is being discussed there because it is not.

Sides at the dialogue roundtable are to blame here, because if they have any points to debate or discuss, they can bring them out to the roundtable, therefore all they have to do is wait until the next meeting, and if asked about the issue (they argue they are being asked) they can simply say ‘they have a different assessment, that they will present their opinion, remarks and different vision at the dialogue table.'

But the matter was turned in one aspect into the subject of an aggressive offensive campaign and to a subject of ridicule.

The most critical issue of concern to the Lebanese, the survival of Lebanon and Lebanon's sovereignty, security and safety, the defense strategy, has become an issue of mockery, ridicule and futile debate, even turned to a question of electoral bidding.
This is very unfortunate.

The defense strategy should not be dealt with in this manner.

In any case, I read something that grabbed my attention and made me pause, which I would like to share with you today on Martyr's Day.

After General Aoun's presentation of the defense strategy, and after he spoke about arming the Army, especially regarding the issue of air defense, I read statements made by the Minister of Finance of the current government in which he said that "the Lebanese government does not have sufficient funds," and that "the cost of arming the army with air defense is too high and therefore we cannot afford," and that "the solution to protect Lebanon lies is seeking refuge in international resolutions."

Of course if this was the personal opinion of the Minister of Finance, then by all means he is free to make his own opinion.

I just want to discuss this a little, because he is not part of the attendees at the dialogue table; but if this was the view of his political team, then it would be a great calamity! Why?

Because there are two points here, the first point is that no matter what the dispute is over the defense strategy between the political groups, one common point brothers and sisters remains, and it is the army.

There is no dispute that the army has the main role in defending Lebanon and in any defense strategy that we should have a strong army and in order to have a strong army we should have an armed army, equipped and trained, not only with machine guns, or bomb throwing machine guns.

The first thing any defending force must possess is an air defense system and anti-tank weapons.

This is common knowledge to all armies of the world; an army without air defense shield and anti-tank weapons is virtually an internal security force, dressed in military and army uniform. In other words, it is a security agency in the military guise to perform security tasks.

Therefore the common point we are all talking about is the necessity to arm the Lebanese army.

If right from the start, we cry ‘help we do not have money to buy weapons for the Lebanese Army', how then will we defend the homeland?

This means we are not serious about defending the homeland.

So the first point is the top priority of arming our national Army, hence, just as the government is able to acquire huge funds to finance projects here or there, we ought to give priority to financing the Lebanese Army, in a manner that empowers it to defend Lebanon.

If this policy is a subject of discussion, or objection, then the consensus point of the defense strategy failed and therefore, there is no need to continue this dialogue through to the point of discussing the resistance.

The second matter is this, I am surprised and in wonder how from 1948 to this day, the Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian and Arab experience, add to it today's experience of the Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Iranians and others with international resolutions, has any international resolution protected any people?

Any of them prevented harm from any state? Or returned any legitimate right to its rightful owners?

Not at all!

If after sixty years of painful and bitter experience by the peoples of our region with the Zionist enemy along with their masters in Washington and elsewhere, the painful experiences with the UN Security Council and the international resolutions are insufficient to convince some of us that international resolutions do not protect anyone, and that what protects you is your strength and your Army, your resistance and your people, If all these sixty years of experience have not changed political convictions and commitments of this kind, I wonder then, what is the feasibility of dialogue at the roundtable? Particularly when it exposes the political leadership in Lebanon to the dangers of going routinely to the Presidential Palace?

What we actually need is to decide on the defense strategy.

I agree with His Excellency the Minister that defending the homeland entails significant burdens and this is true, such is the cost of defending a homeland, through large burdens, heavy sacrifices, and enormous efforts. This is why we have been calling as we continue to call for the expansion of the dialogue table, not to disable it, but to have the largest possible number of Lebanese representation participating there, to be together in the defense decision, and in bearing the burdens of that responsibility.

Defending Lebanon needs shoulders to rest upon, strong figures and men like mountains, not words said here or there on this or that platform.

The martyrs in whose honour we gather here today on this occasion, are a testament of the heavy burden to be borne by any people who want their capital returned to freedom as was done with this people's Beirut, Mountain, Bekaa and South from Sidon to Tyre, Nabatiyeh to Jazzine, Marjayoun to Bint Jbeil and Hasbaya.

Thus the land is liberated; the people are maintained and protected, honor and dignity preserved.

Against this backdrop I will be content to settle this issue of expanding the dialogue table.
The subject is not about whom does this or that person represent, for such a discussion has no end, the background is that we are debating a strategic national matter that concerns all the Lebanese.

The defense strategy is the most important model of war and peace decisions. Why do they want to exclude certain leaderships and political forces from the war and peace decision, while they always say that ‘such decisions need to be dealt with differently'?

Let us settle this question of expansion, transform the dialogue table into a true forum for discussion and resolve the national defense strategy, then go to its implementation as soon as possible, to be the powerful and able force capable of protecting our country in light of the rapid regional and international developments coming to our region and the world.

But on the other side, away from controversy and debate and away from all this climate, which sometimes does not give a sense of seriousness, I assure you that here in Lebanon as in the enemy entity, are men working day and night since the end of the July war also.
We are also a serious people and a serious resistance that does not play or waste time.

Here in Lebanon too the resistance has been working day and night, and continues to do so in order to make Lebanon stronger, more capable and its voice heard.
This resistance is training, equipping, learning, preparing all the requirements of defense along side the Lebanese Army and the people, to accomplish its tasks with extreme degree of seriousness.

When I issue stances on certain previous occasions, I was not exercising psychological warfare, even if what I said serves in psychological war, but I was serious in saying repeating and reiterating those statements.

Today at the end of 2008 the resistance in Lebanon is stronger and more capable; the 'Israeli' ‘interlocking-Arms' that may extend into Lebanon will, God willing, be cut off just as we did the feet of the infiltrating 'Israeli' Special Forces in Ansariyeh.

This serious and sustained effort will certainly continue and the Lebanese side can rest assured that there are vigilant hard-working eyes and hearts, working day and night, embraced by the majority of the people, who will not tire or lose sight of the enemy and its preparations.

In the security dimension, we must provide all support to the Directorate of Intelligence of the Lebanese Army and the various Lebanese security apparatus to detect spy rings, public and party cooperation by various Lebanese and Palestinian forces are also required and necessary.

Dear brothers and sisters, as for the question of psychological warfare, let us respond to their lies by telling them: We are staying here in our land, with our will and determination, armed with gun in hand, and belief in our hearts, our feet firmly planted in our land and mountains, just as our lofty proud mountains are, our fists will not waver or tremble from such psychological warfare and media lies.

We, who the 'Israelis' admit to have launched raids against us in 33 days of war, far exceeding the overall total of raids 'Israel' launched in all 'Israeli'-Arab wars combined, and yet was anyone (of us) shaken or scared, did anyone surrender, collapse or retreat?

Absolutely not!

On the question of the Dialogue Conference on Religions and Civilizations, and regarding inviting Shimon Peres or (Tzipi) Livni or other Zionists to this dialogue.
Of course we express gratification for the Saudi ambassador's clarification regarding the side behind the invitations to the conference.

Yet, today I call on all Arab and Islamic representatives in the conference, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria (include everyone so as not to say we appeal to one side without the other) and all Arab and Islamic States in the conference on inter-faith dialogue, to act and prevent the presence of these racist, terrorist killers, perpetrators of war crimes.

How are Shimon Peres and other perpetrator of massacres in Lebanon and Palestine related to the dialogue of religions?

What connects Olmert or Livni, Ministers of the Cabinet responsible for and partners in the 2nd Cana massacre?

What relationship do they have to religions and religious dialogue?

'Israel' is a racist criminal, terrorist State, the Zionist movement is racist movement, unless the League of Arab States and Organization of the Islamic Conference have abandoned these definitions!

If someone today says that this or that Islamic Resistance Movement, wants to participate in the inter-faith dialogue, the Americans will object and brand such a movement as a terrorist movement, and the Arab and Muslim States will respect the American veto.

Why do we not respect ourselves and place our veto on 'Israel', and tell the world that we are for dialogue among religions, and that there are many Jews and Jewish clerics, Jewish men of thought in the world unrelated to Zionism and the crimes of 'Israel'.
Let them participate in the dialogue of religions.

On Martyr's Day and by the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs, I extend my call to all Arab and Muslim States to act and expel 'Israel' from this conference, to prevent persons such as the murderous racist Shimon Peres from stepping on its platform to talk about the dialogue of religions.
And at which time is this happening?

This is all happening at a time when al-Quds (Jerusalem) is being Judaized, Palestinian houses are being confiscated and destroyed, on their ruins extremist settlers are seen dancing in celebration, a time, in which the noose of siege is tightened on more than one and a half million Palestinians in Gaza, drowning in darkness and hunger, while attacks by Zionist settlers against Palestinians are on the increase in the West Bank, under the gaze and backing of the enemy government.

Against this back drop, Shimon Peres is honored and provided the platform of religious dialogue?
This is the stand we call on you for.

Dear Arabs and Muslims... did the July war take place a hundred years ago to tolerate the murderers, criminals and butchers, to welcome them, applaud and sit with them under the one roof, when meeting them under such title is in itself an insult to the title ‘religious dialogue', or did the July War occur only a little over two years ago?!

At the end of this speech I should mention the recent US presidential elections, which I look at from two angles.

The first is that the voting results are an indicator of the American disapproval of outgoing President George W. Bush's internal and external policies. Elections are the opportunity the American people have to hold their government or the ruling party accountable, this people tried the Republican Party, Bush and the Bush Administration, and it is through the election results the American people admit to the whole world that the Bush government's foreign and economic policies have failed.

This government only bought wars to the people of America and the world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, hundreds of thousands have been killed in Iraq so far, civilians continue to be killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and recently in Syria under the title of ‘fighting terrorism', leading to the July War, an American war par excellence, by decision, backing, management, by the time it was extended for, and finally it was also an American war, by its failure and defeat.

The American people stood and said to the world that their government policy failed.

I will not say the American project in the world or the region collapsed, for those who consider themselves enlightened political thinkers, who paint the facts with their hopes rather than with their interpretations, will consider my words slightly exaggerated, but I will say that at least the Americans themselves stand witness to their own government's huge failure in different parts of the world, especially in our region.

The reason for this American failure is not America's weakness, nor a deficit or lack in its capabilities and ability to plan, or for being short on the number of its supporters and gamblers on its regional plans, no.

The defeat of the American project and projects is first and foremost largely credited to the people of the region and their resistance movements, the steadfast States that were targeted by the U.S. project in the region.

Here between parentheses, unfortunately despite several clarifications, there are people in Lebanon who still insist on claiming that His Eminence Sayyed Imam Khamenei said: ‘we will defeat America in Lebanon', so these people claim that by ‘we' he meant us, that is branding us as the ‘Iranians' or Iran (in Lebanon).
Now that he did not say.

But what Sayyed Imam Khamenei said was: "America will fail and will be defeated in Lebanon."
Those who can inflict defeat in Lebanon is the Lebanese people, those who can inflict America with defeat in Palestine is the Palestinian people, their resistance, steadfastness and their adherence to their rights, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iraqi and Afghan people.

The difference is that the Imam Khamenei is a great leader who trusts the peoples of the Arab and Islamic worlds, he trusts these people and their ability, determination and will, therefore, he expected defeat of the occupiers and usurpers, in contrast he expected the victory to be on the side of the forbearing and the oppressed, the determined people of the resistance who possess the will.

This is a matter he is to be thanked for rather than condemned, furthermore, Iran did not use Lebanon to inflict the American project with defeat.

It is the Lebanese people who are affected by the American project, because it is primarily an 'Israeli' project, and it is this people of Lebanon who defeated the American project, at least in this round; but will there be further rounds coming in the future?

The second angle, in looking at the American presidential elections, one can only be happy with the fall of John McCain and the Republican Party, because in this fall lies the fall of Bush, his gang and coterie.

But do we drown in hopes and go far into banking on changes which the U.S. president-elect talked about for the next stage?

We do not want to give a bleak picture, nor drown in optimism. Rational logic of political realism and logic says to "wait and see", because America is ruled and governed by institutions, and fixed interests and strategies.

Our Arab world, the third world and the African world may sympathise Obama, as a result of his past or the color of his skin, but policies and interests are a different matter all together.

I say, do not exaggerate hopes nor give people high expectations so that no one is disappointed or none make miscalculations.

I don't want to anticipate events, but on Martyr's Day I want to state an intellectual, academic and political matter that concerns our people and nation.

Logic dictates not to bet on changes only in the oppressor, the unjust, the arrogant and the tyrannical, to hope for new conditions because you believe this tyrant will be more lenient or less unfair than his predecessor.
This is the state of a weak nation, a poor nation, a nation that banks on changes in others and is settled in its own stagnancy, lack of power, vulnerability, weakness of determination and lack of will.

As for a nation and a people that are alive, logic says, faced with world developments, that regardless of what is happening in the world, you have to strive to be strong, strong in your unity, solidarity, in your knowledge and culture, in your economy and social structure, strong militarily, in the structure of your State, in your nation's cohesion and togetherness, and strong enough to be respected by the world and the unjust, where the unfair and the unjust tyrant would stand at your doorstep, but dare not overstep his boundary.

And why do they not overstep it?

Not because he is weak but because we are strong.

We are the protectors of the homes and guardians of the thresholds, protectors of the entity, the homeland and nation.

On Martyr's Day, dear brothers, dear Lebanese and Arab people and peoples of our region who gamble, witness or go along with important changes in the world, the martyrs teach us not to gamble on any of these changes, as they are of no benefit to us if we are weak.

On Martyr's Day, written by their blood, sweat, struggle and sacrifices, the martyrs' message is that the guarantee of our security and dignity, the guarantee of the survival of our nation, freedom, honor and pride is in this blood that runs in our veins.

Such a blood, is it the blood of the martyrs, Abbas Musawi's, the blood of Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Bilal Fahes, Imad Mughniyeh, Ahmad Kassir, Sana'a Mhaidli, Dalal Mughrabi, Fathi Shiqaki, Ahmad Yassin, Abu Ali Mustafa and all martyrs prior?

Or is it the blood of submission, life of luxury, distraction, vulnerability and failure?
Does the blood running in our veins entitle us a proud stand or an obedient rest?

On Martyr's Day, dear blessed beloved martyred, we swear and pledge to continue on your path, your blood will continue to flow in our veins.

This is our pledge, and that of our brothers and sisters, together with that of the entire steadfast people.

We also swear by your shed blood that which runs in our veins, and with God Almighty's permission, that Lebanon's ally will be victory and victory alone.

God bless you all and thank you all for your honoring presence and I like to make a special tribute to the martyrs' families for the hefty sacrifices they made along this great path.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.


person yasir ali mirza

long live nasrollah,long live muqtada

its a great speech i have ever read.may allah give you a renewed willpower and courage to fight against the zionist deadly enemies of islam,particularly the shiite islam.i'm a student of journalism &mass communication in an indian also an indian by heart.i'm a close watcher of middle eastern issues particularly the shiite world.....from india .long live imam khomeini.khamenei,nasrollah.muqtada,baqir al sadr baqir al hakim.ahmedinejad.......!!!!!!!