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Likud Officials Worried Biden Victory Could Damage Netanyahu

Likud Officials Worried Biden Victory Could Damage Netanyahu
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By Staff, Agencies

‘Israeli’ Likud party officials are fretting over the increasingly likely prospect of a win for Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden, given that Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has developed a particularly close relationship with Biden’s Republican incumbent, President Donald Trump.

Though the final results of the presidential election remain unclear, Biden appeared to be edging toward ousting Trump on Thursday morning.

Speaking to Zman Yisrael, The Times of ‘Israel’s’ sister site in Hebrew, on Thursday, the Likud officials warned that a loss for Trump could impact Netanyahu badly, as well as make Washington more wary of clashing with United Nations institutions on the Zionist entity’s behalf.

“Now they will tell Netanyahu: Your friend is gone, against all odds, so you will go too,” a senior Likud official said, referring to the premier’s opponents.

“Now they will talk about how Netanyahu severed ties with the Democrats, what price we will all pay and how he — who knows America better than anyone — gambled on the wrong horse,” the official said, speaking anonymously.

The fallout could also affect local politics, one cabinet minister said, telling Zman that “a Trump victory would have been a harbinger of an election [in the Zionist entity] and would have brought forward the election. Now Netanyahu will have much less desire to go to the polls in ‘Israel’.”

Trump’s recognition of occupied al-Quds and the Golan Heights, both of which were seen as coups for Netanyahu, came in the lead-up to the first of the trio of elections in the ‘Israeli’ entity in the past two years, and the administration’s proposal for the ‘Israeli’-Palestinian ‘conflict,’ welcomed by Netanyahu, came ahead of the third of those votes earlier this year.