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Five Minors on Death Row in Saudi Arabia

Five Minors on Death Row in Saudi Arabia
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By Staff

The human rights organization ‘Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain’ ADHRB condemned death sentences issued against minors in Saudi Arabia, calling for the cancelation of such sentences and releasing the detainees immediately.

The rights body added that the current Saudi regime’s practices violate international standards, including the Arab Charter for Human Rights, pointing to that Saudi Arabia scores the highest average of executions in the world.

And despite the international community’s urging to ban the death punishment, Saudi Arabia still executes detainees.

Among the eight detainees from the eastern province, seven are accused of attacking policemen with Molotov cocktails and guns, according to the confessions that would be taken under torture. The Saudi regime’s authorities didn’t offer any detail, however, about injuries among policemen.

The General Prosecution charged the detainees with several accusations that don’t belong to unrecognized crimes, which include “seeking to destabilize the society via taking part in protests and funerals,” and “chanting expressions against the state,” as well as “seeking to provoke strife and division.”

The trial of the five minors, out of a total of eight detainees on imminent death row in Saudi Arabia, is expected to be held after the General Prosecution demanded their execution for ‘terrorism-related’ crimes because they participated in protests.

It is worth noting that some of those minors have been tortured during the preliminary detention, investigated, and banned from contacting a lawyer.