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Trump Accuses Biden of ‘Lying’ About Role in Son Hunter’s Ukraine Business Dealings

Trump Accuses Biden of ‘Lying’ About Role in Son Hunter’s Ukraine Business Dealings
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By Staff, Agencies

US President Donald Trump debuted a new attack line on rival Joe Biden, saying a new report shows the Democratic presidential nominee “lied” about his involvement in a “pay-for-play scandal” that paid his son Hunter Biden handsomely.

Trump spent a few minutes hammering his general election rival, but spent more talking about farmers and ethanol and other issues that affect Iowans directly. He called the state’s farmers, for preferring a “level playing field” over a federal bailout, “incredible” and told the crowd his administration “kept the ethanol going”; it is made from corn produced in places like the Hawkeye State. It was reminiscent of a plea to another key voting bloc he made the previous night in rural Pennsylvania: “Suburban women, please like me.”

But Trump’s opening act a night later was to hammer the Bidens.

“Now we can see clearly that Biden is a corrupt politician who shouldn't be allowed to run for the presidency,” the president said at a campaign rally in Iowa.

“Vice President Biden, you owe the American people an apology because … you are a corrupt politician,” Trump said, demanding his rival release all emails related to his family's business dealings with Russia and Ukraine.”

“Biden’s repeated claim that he has never spoken to Hunter about his business dealings were a complete lie,” he said, accusing the former VP of “trying to cover up a massive pay-for-play scandal at the heart of his vice presidency.”

He claimed the family treated the vice presidency as a “for-profit” entity.

Biden and his family have denied any wrongdoing, including that a meeting with the head of a Ukrainian energy company that Hunter Biden worked for never happened.

In a transition he appeared to read from a TelePrompter, he said Biden has "made another corrupt bargain in return for his party’s nomination.