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Yemen Prisoner Swap Deal Reached According to Stockholm Agreement

Yemen Prisoner Swap Deal Reached According to Stockholm Agreement
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By Staff, Agencies

The head of Yemen’s National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said that a prisoner swap deal was reached under the Stockholm Agreement.

On Sunday, Abdulsalam indicated that, in implementation of the Stockholm Agreement and the subsequent meetings and discussions with the United Nations, the Prisoners and Detainees Committee concluded the first phase agreement to release more than a thousand prisoners from both sides, including Saudis and Sudanese.

Earlier on the same day, a source familiar with the issue confirmed the agreement with the other party of the US-Saudi aggression to release hundreds of prisoners, including Saudis and Sudanese, as of mid-October.

Relatively, the head of Yemen’s National Committee for Prisoners, Abdulqader al-Murtadha, confirmed that the prisoner exchange agreement reached on Sunday, according to the Stockholm Agreement, adding that it is an important step for breaking the ice after 4 rounds of negotiations in the prisoner exchange file.

Al-Murtadha told Yemen’s al-Masirah network that the operational plan is supervised by the Red Cross and will start on October 15th and will be via flying from Riyadh, Aden and Marib to Sana'a and vice versa, stressing the readiness to implement all of Stockholm Agreements regarding prisoners.

“We have the full support of the leadership for a complete deal, but the other party is not ready to expand or complete it,” he added.