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Imam Reza Intl University Organizes Conference on the Duties of Muslims in the Era of Awaiting the Savior

Imam Reza Intl University Organizes Conference on the Duties of Muslims in the Era of Awaiting the Savior
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By Sondoss al-Asaad

Imam Reza Int'l University first global conference, entitled "Strategies for the Manifestation of Husseini Culture in the Path of the End of Time beliefs in Religion and Nations", kicked off in the Iranian city of Mashhad in the presence of dozens of renowned figures, students and thinkers from different countries, including Iran, Lebanon, Bahrain, Australia, UK and Canada.

Principal and Founder of Imam Mehdi Youth Inc, a Saturday Islamic School in Sydney since 2006, Zainab Taylor opened the conference stressing that as the oppressive leader Yazid – has no power or impression on most people today, billions of people around the world call out 'Labaka Ya Hussain'. It is symbolic statement of solidarity with Hussain, his values, and his historic mission." Taylor went on saying, "In these times it has become a mantra for the eternal struggle against the oppressors of the world." "So as Muslims we should also pursue this goal of Imam Hussein [AS] and should not be indifferent to committing ugliness and abandoning the good, but should perform the important task of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil in all aspects of our lives," she added.

The Iranian English-language television news network's journalist Marzieh Hashemi pointed out that as a journalist or a person in the media, "My responsibility is to talk about wrongdoers, aggression, oppression," adding, "when a situation is being ignored or being portrayed in a false light in Yemen, Gaza, Black America, I feel that it is my responsible to put a spotlight on it."

Sayyedah Umm Farwa, an Islamic lecturer and scholar in London, emphasized that the path of Imam Hussain [AS] is like a powerhouse that charges the universe for it is a stand of the truth against falsehood, a battle in which truth prevailed. Sayyedah Umm Farwa expressed severe condemnation to the recent insult of Prophet Mohammed saying it stems from an arrogant hostile agenda. She added, "It is we who have failed to introduce the Prophet’s character and personality."

For her part, Sondoss al-Asaad, a Lebanese-Bahraini freelance journalist and author on Islamic topics, dissected the remarkable role of women in the Hussaini and the Mahdian uprisings. Al Asaad said Islam stresses the centrality of women’s presence in the process of resistance and reformation "that’s why they ought to be weaponised by strong patience and perseverance." She went on into saying, "Sayyedah Zainab has influenced vast majority of women all over the years, esp. in the aftermath of the establishment of the Zionist apartheid entity and the victory of the Islamic revolution of Imam Khomeini. Women of Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and Nigeria have all learned how to deal with such vicious war led by the hegemonic powers. In addition, they have shown over time outstanding awareness and steadfastness against current waves of the satanic soft war and feminist views, which aim at manipulating and degrading them."