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Kushner: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to Open Skies to All «Israeli» Flights

Kushner: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to Open Skies to All «Israeli» Flights
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By Staff, Agencies

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will open their skies for all flights heading into or out of the “Israeli” entity, not just those bound for the United Arab Emirates, US White House advisor Jared Kushner said Wednesday.

In a phone briefing with journalists, Kushner praised the move as saving hours of time for passengers – but also as signifying a significant change in regional politics.

He said that a new sense of positivity downed upon the region after the announcement of a historic UAE-“Israeli” accord on normalizing their ties.

Pointing at Wednesday's Arab League summit, which refused to condemn the deal despite Palestinian pleas, he said that despite their support for the Palestinian cause, Arab states must also consider their own interests.

The special advisor also said that the “deal of the century” unveiled by US President Donald Trump earlier this year was meant to save the so-called two-state solution, adding that it was still on the table.

Under the plan, the “Israeli” entity was to apply its laws to a number of West Bank territories, while the Palestinians were to get several swathes of land in the Neger area – as well as generous investment meant to kick-start the economy of their nascent state, established under the plan with its capital in Abu Dis.

While the push for West Bank areas sovereignty generated headlines – not necessarily stretching into any political action – in the “Israeli” entity for months, the entity agreed to suspend it under the deal with the UAE.

While Emirati and American officials said the issue was tabled for quite some time, the “Israeli” entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that the suspension was only temporary.