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Yemen: Criminal Saudi Coalition Continues to Prevent Fuel Ships

Yemen: Criminal Saudi Coalition Continues to Prevent Fuel Ships
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Translated By Staff - Source Al-Alam News

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries continue to detain ships and prevent their entry to al-Hudaydah port. “This has exacerbated the great suffering of the Yemenis,” it warned.

The ministry further stated that “This criminal act is not surprising for a coalition that has been engaged in brutal aggression and unlawful blockade against the Yemenis since March 26, 2015.”

“The Saudi aggression's actions are inconsistent with war ethics and presents a flagrant violation of the International Humanitarian Law and the Stockholm Agreement,” it added, noting that “The agreement specifically stipulates the entry of ships and commodities to Al-Hudaydah port without any obstacles.”

According to the Yemeni ministry, “The Saudi actions are also inconsistent with the Security Council resolutions endorsing the Stockholm Agreement, which stipulated not to impede the entry of fuel ships.”

“The UN’s cold positions allowed the other party to continue underestimating this agreement to the extent that it reached the point of calling for new measures to legitimize and accommodate the withdrawals, violations and reckless positions of the mercenary government,” it mentioned.

The statement pointed out that “The mercenary government’s lies can no longer deceive anyone, as it is no more than hollow fabrications.”

In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on humanitarian organizations and the free people everywhere to condemn the seizure of ships and to raise their voices against the coalition’s determination on continuing to detain it and escalate the Yemenis' suffering.

The statement stressed that ships must enter al-Hudaydah Port away from barriers or restrictions. “The international community should call for this because continued seizure is a war crime and falls under the principle of collective punishment that affects all Yemenis.”