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‘Israeli’ Budget Chief Sounds the Alarm

‘Israeli’ Budget Chief Sounds the Alarm
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By Staff, Haaretz

The resignation of ‘Israeli’ so-called Finance Ministry’s budget director, Shaul Meridor, is additional evidence of the establishment’s reckless conduct under Finance Minister Yisrael Katz, and more generally, of the dangerous populism that has grown like a weed under Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You aren’t enabling me and many other civil servants in Finance Ministry departments and those of other government ministries to do what we know how to do,” Meridor wrote Katz.

He objected that “the decision-making process has been characterized by decisions influenced by narrow, irrelevant, short-term interests as well as the silencing of professionals, blatant contempt for professional staff work, shooting from the hip and riding roughshod over budgetary rules and tools.”

Katz has been running the Zionist entity’s treasury like someone preparing for a primary rather than someone responsible for the public purse. His latest moves – first adding $3.3 billion to the continuation budget, then making additional expenditures in the framework of the emergency budget – crossed red lines so blatantly that Meridor was unwilling to accept it.

This spendthrift behavior is sending ‘Israel’ 35 years back in time, to the dark days before the Economic Stabilization Plan of 1985.

Meridor’s resignation, and especially his harsh remarks in his resignation letter, ought to set off alarm bells among all Zionists, since they are the ones who will likely pay the heavy price of this recklessness.

Katz isn’t fit to be finance minister. And Netanyahu has proven once again that he isn’t fit to be prime minister.