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Ashura 2021


Will the UAE Arming Issue Cause A Rift Between the ’Mossad’ And the Occupation Army?

Will the UAE Arming Issue Cause A Rift Between the ’Mossad’ And the Occupation Army?
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By Staff

‘Israeli’ Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper revealed that the discussion about supplying UAE with advanced American F-35 jets is the tip of the iceberg of much wider deliberations between the enemy’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Mossad agency, and the occupation army in this regard.

“While the army opposes selling UAE any advanced ‘Israeli’ weapons, the Mossad –under Netanyahu’s knowledge- is exerting pressure to supply Abu Dhabi with top-secret weapons and information,” the paper mentioned.

According to informed sources at the ‘Israeli’ security agency, Netanyahu’s office and the Mossad, for two years, have been persuading the War minister not only to sell the UAE intelligence capabilities, but also advanced and accurate offensive weapons.

For this reason, the announcement of a possible F-35 sale was part of the “peace” agreement with the Zionist entity was not a big surprise last week, according to the newspaper.

The paper further pointed out that the UAE, from an ‘Israeli’ point of view, is considered a "special state," and that is why the entity sells non-super-secret weapons to such country class, in the way that even if they are leaked to hostile states, their impact will not be severe.

According to the newspaper, Netanyahu’s office and the "Mossad" are trying to persuade the Ministry of Public Security to tolerate the sale of advanced weapons to the UAE, for "strengthening bilateral relations" and for economic reasons.

It also mentioned that from the Ministry of War point of view, the sale of top-secret military equipment to the Gulf states is a threat that can lead to such ‘Israeli’ equipment and knowledge being leaked to the enemies’ hands, as the region is subject to ‘the Iranians’ active movement.’