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Iran Warns of Decisive Response to Any Cyber Threat

Iran Warns of Decisive Response to Any Cyber Threat
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By Staff, Agencies

The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces warned that cyber threats from any state, group or individual against Iran will be responded to decisively.

The General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces on Monday issued a statement about the cyberspace international law.

According to the statement, the Iranian Armed Forces believe that the cyberattacks resulting in financial damages or harm to people amount to the use of force.

“If such operations affect the national vital infrastructures, including the defense infrastructures, they would naturally violate the principle of use of force, be it under the ownership of the government or the private sector,” it added.

The statement also emphasized that the Iranian Armed Forces will reserve the right of self-defense if the intensity of a cyberattack on Iran’s vital infrastructures reaches the threshold of a conventional armed attack.

It added that Iran would never start a conflict in the cyberspace, but warned that any violation of the guidelines and policies mentioned in the statement from any government, group and individual sponsored or directed by any state would allow the Iranian Armed Forces to give a vigorous response to the threats at any level.

In remarks in July, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tehran reserves the right to resort to the cyberspace or any other means to respond to the cyberattacks launched by foreign governments and regimes.

“Iran reserves the right to take the appropriate and proportional reciprocal action at the appropriate time. We may employ any tool to defend ourselves against the cyberattacks, including the cyberspace or other weaponry. Moreover, we will do our utmost to prove the international responsibility of the country starting or facilitating such attacks, and to make them be held accountable for their illegal measures,” the spokesman said.