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Lebanese PM Diab: Investigation over Beirut Port Explosion Is A Priority, Results Will Be Swift

Lebanese PM Diab: Investigation over Beirut Port Explosion Is A Priority, Results Will Be Swift
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By Staff

Beirut – Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab offered his heartfelt condolences to the Lebanese who lost their children and families, saying, “I condole the Lebanese for the martyrs of Lebanon who fell in this explosion, and wish the wounded a speedy recovery. This is a great calamity which struck Lebanon”.

Diab paid his respects during his speech at the emergency Cabinet session in Baabda on Wednesday August 5, 2020 in the aftermath of the explosion that rocked Beirut Port on Tuesday.

The Lebanese PM explained that the Lebanese “cannot cry over the ruins”, do the government launched their efforts in all fields which can be summed as:

Firstly, the investigation file is a priority and results will be swift.

Second, intensifying recovery operations for victims.

Third, tracing missing individuals.

Fourth, treating the wounded and injured.

Fifth, providing temporary shelter for owners of completely destroyed houses.

Sixth, launching rapid damage survey process.

Seventh, dispense urgent aid to repair partial damage.

Eighth, providing urgent assistance to restore completely damaged houses, offices and institutes.

In his speech, Diab further said that “the country is in a national crisis” urging “everyone, all political forces, stop the records and go to dealing with the disaster which afflicted all our country”.

The PM called on Lebanese ministers “to participate entirely in the workshop, regardless of their ministerial portfolio, whether or not it is linked to dealing with the situation we are in”.

He concluded his speech by saying that, today the Lebanese have been put “to the test of belonging to country, and presenting the country’s interest as a priority above all considerations”.