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Google & Apple Remove Palestine from World Maps, Netizens Outraged

Google & Apple Remove Palestine from World Maps, Netizens Outraged
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By Staff, Agencies

Type Palestine on Google Maps and to your shock, you will not see it instead the users are being directed to “Israel”. American tech giants Google and Apple removed Palestine from world maps amid uproar from social media users.

Social media users flocked outraged to Twitter on Thursday as it appeared Palestine was removed from both Google and Apple maps. Prominent figures and everyday users alike have taken to the platform voicing their concern the country was being "erased".

The change comes at the heels of “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledging to establish West Bank annexations. However, they have already triggered global criticism with many countries calling it “human rights violation” but the years-long “Israel”-Palestine conflict has only spiraled. Netanyahu’s coalition government have moved ahead with plans.

The besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank are mentioned and marked on Google maps, but since Tuesday, the US-based multinational technology company has removed the name of Palestine from all of its maps, simply considering the two regions as parts of the “Israeli” entity.

The silent move by the two tech giants has left netizens outraged who expressed the same on Twitter.

While one wrote, “Google and Apple maps have officially removed Palestine from the World Maps. Today Palestine was erased from the maps tomorrow Palestine will be erased from the world. PUT PALESTINE BACK ON THE MAP. #IStandWithPalestine #FreePalestine (sic)”.

Another tweeted, “I love how Western twitter is silent about Palestine being removed from Google and Apple maps and replaced with “Israel”.

Experts say there is evidence emerging that Netanyahu's desired roadmap for annexing more Palestinian lands is at odds with the plan articulated by Trump.

The “Israeli” entity’s unilateral annexation moves have faced a near unanimous opposition from the international community, including the European Union [EU].