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Gantz Says July 1 Annexation Date ’Not Set In Stone’

Gantz Says July 1 Annexation Date ’Not Set In Stone’
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By Staff, Agencies

Sources in the ‘Israeli’ entity’s Blue & White party said Zionist War Minister Benny Gantz told US President Donald Trump's adviser during a meeting on Monday the July 1st deadline for official debate on annexation is not set in stone, with coronavirus taking the priority.

The official discussions on the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity’s annexation of parts of the West Bank are set to begin in the Knesset on Wednesday, with some political analysts saying the move could end up being largely symbolic.

"Gantz made it clear that the July meeting is not a holy date for annexation," said the source. “The only holy thing at the moment is getting people back into the workforce and taking care of coronavirus.”

“Before making any political moves, we need to help the public to get back to earning a living with dignity,” Gantz was quoted as saying by Avi Berkowitz.