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Ex-senior ‘Israeli’ Officers Said to Reject Offer to Head Annexation Headquarters

Ex-senior ‘Israeli’ Officers Said to Reject Offer to Head Annexation Headquarters
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By Staff, Agencies

Three former senior ‘Israeli’ military officers reportedly all turned down an offer from war minister Benny Gantz to lead an administrative headquarters overseeing the Zionist entity’s planned annexation of territory in the occupied West Bank.

Major generals [Ret.] Roni Numa and Avi Mizrahi both headed the ‘Israeli’ Occupation Forces Central Command, and Major General [Ret.] Yaacov Ayish was formerly head of the IOF attacks branch and the Zionist military attaché to the United States.

All have extensive experience in the West Bank.

The three officers were put off because the position is so political and because some of them have ties to the security industry through private companies, the report said, apparently creating a conflict of interest.

According to the report there is still no formal central headquarters assessing the possible outcomes of applying the alleged ‘sovereignty’.

As a result, the report said there is no groundwork being done on what the response could be in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, or in Jordan and Egypt.

Although Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing to swiftly move ahead with the annexation, Gantz, who is also Alternate Prime Minister under the coalition government agreement, is reportedly reluctant to proceed.