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It Will Always Be Cozy for UAE Whether It Is Annexation or Normalization!

It Will Always Be Cozy for UAE Whether It Is Annexation or Normalization!
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By Staff

As long as it became very normal to show its deep affiliation into warm ties with the Zionist entity, the United Arab Emirates’ impudence is slumping down towards the steepest ranks within the ethical standards.

‘Poor’ UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef al-Otaiba, didn’t find any western or Arab media outlet to express himself -which definitely goes along the ‘Israeli’ propaganda- so he sought to publish an opinion piece on ‘Israeli’ Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, addressing the ‘Israeli’ public to lay out the significant impact its government's annexation of the West Bank and Jordan Valley will have regionally.

In a piece published initially on the paper’s Hebrew section, entitled "Annexation or Normalization", al-Otaiba warned in his first direct address to the Zionist public that a planned annexation of the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley would be a major impediment to ‘Israeli’ hope of establishing ties with the Arab world.

The official representing a state that shamelessly sponsors normalization with a regime that has been occupying the lands and homes of Palestinians since ages ago, along with other fellow Arab regimes, has shown how limited his country is to prostrate and abandon his neighbors, the original landowners, in favor of political and personal benefits it always prefers.

Instead of defending a just issue, many Arab regimes turned to serve as mouthpieces for the ‘Israeli’ apartheid entity that is planning recently to annex lands from the occupied West Bank and the Jordan valley, and make them under its presumed ‘sovereignty’.

“Normal is not annexation," al-Otaiba wrote. "Instead, annexation is a misguided provocation of another order. And continued talk of normalization would be just mistaken hope for better relations with the Arab states."

As simple as he felt, al-Otaiba denied that the entire occupied land has only formed a state named Palestine, he reiterated that the UAE stood firmly behind a comprehensive, ‘two-state solution’ with East Jerusalem [al-Quds] as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Promoting more normal ties, al-Otaiba warned the ‘Israelis’ that the progress and the attitude shift that you have seen, people being less hostile to ‘Israel’, all of that could be undermined by the decision to annex.

He also considered that his decision to reach out to the ‘Israeli’ public was an effort to ensure views of how such a move would affect the region was also part of the domestic debate.

“As well as jeopardizing Israeli efforts to build relationships, annexation would also strain ‘Israel’s’ ties with the Arab states with which it already has peace deals,” he added.

Four regimes like the UAE, no matter what would happen, whether it was normalization or annexation, they will always preserve coziness with the ‘Israeli’ child killer occupation regime. They just want to show off that they do care. Indeed, they only care for ‘Israeli’ interests that serve theirs.