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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman to Al-Ahed: Imam Khomeini Made Us Independent

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman to Al-Ahed: Imam Khomeini Made Us Independent
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By Mokhtar Haddad

Tehran - At the beginning of the Islamic revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini [May God Honor his Soul] adapted the motto which said: “Independence, freedom, neither Eastern nor Western Islamic Republic. These slogans are very well clear today in the Islamic Republic’s policy especially that of the foreign one.

This is demonstrated as Iran today is a country which enjoys full independence and freedom. Moreover, it doesn’t belong to any world power. It has in fact become one of the influential powers both regionally and internationally which defends the right of the vulnerable people and faces American and its allies.

With the thirty-first anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini (May God Bless his Soul) Abbas Moussawi, the spokesperson for the ministry of foreign affairs in the Islamic Republic remarked to Al-Ahed news saying: “Imam Khomeini gave us trust in ourselves and has achieved independence for the whole country. He had also given us the power to confront the great world powers. Ever since the victory of the Islamic revolution, Iran has been able to stand against these powers.  This is of course with the dependence on God and belief in both our internal capabilities and the will of our people.”

Abbass Moussawi also added: “the belief in ourselves is the most important message that Imam Khomeini has provided us both in our foreign policies and international ones. It was a great lesson for us.”