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“Israeli” Media: “Israel” Is Not Prepared For the Next War

“Israeli” Media: “Israel” Is Not Prepared For the Next War
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By Staff, Ynet

The most important question in the “Israeli” entity is not will there be a conflict where Hezbollah will use the massive rocket arsenal, but rather when!

According to the “Israeli” Ynet, a well-known physics professor, who took part in a meeting with security officials and scientists, said that attendees all agreed that that “Israel” is not ready for the next war, neither against Iran nor against Hezbollah.

Based on the report, Hezbollah’s missiles won't destroy the “Israeli” entity, but the “home front” is not prepared, the “Israeli” army is not prepared, and the damage will be far-reaching.

The attendees at the meeting had a heated argument over whether the entity should implement a new laser-based air defense system. Its advocates claim it would provide civilians with far better protection for a much lower cost than the Iron Dome air defense system, whose batteries cost $100 million per unit and each rocket costs $50,000.

However, the report highlighted that “Israel’s” enemies could easily bankrupt them through mass production of primitive rockets that cost only a few dozen dollars apiece.

The attendees’ claims may be true. “Israel” could be much more prepared for the next war. The entity could save many lives and many billions of dollars.

Nonetheless, the report went on to say that those opposing the lasers may be prisoners of a misconception that could cost us thousands of “Israeli” lives.

The report concluded, by asserting the importance of discussion that the “Israeli” entity must approach with an open mind, even if it turns out in the end, that all these experts and scientists are charlatans who don't know anything. But if there is a slim chance that they are right - then hearing their claims is not an option, it is mandatory.