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Lebanon Moving Toward Normal Life amid Warnings of Second Covid-19 Wave

Lebanon Moving Toward Normal Life amid Warnings of Second Covid-19 Wave
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By Staff, Agencies

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said Tuesday the country was moving toward a return to normal, although he warned against a dangerous second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.

"We are systematically moving toward a return to normal life," Hassan told reporters after meeting Grand Mufti Abdel-Latif Derian at Dar al-Fatwa in Beirut.

“We hope that all citizens apply [health] guidelines and abide by them in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the second phase,” he said.

Cooperation and abiding by virus prevention guidelines will prevent Lebanon's situation from getting worse, Hassan said, adding that the decision of re-opening the country is up to the government.

“We have received aid from China, Qatar, Iran and some Lebanese institutions abroad, but there is a need for greater Arab and international solidarity,” he said.

According to Hassan, Derian asked for some clarifications on the time period during which people can return to pray at mosques.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry said that wearing masks and keeping a safe distance between each other is obligatory, “given the non-compliance of some citizens to preventive measures.”

In a bid to encourage greater adherence to preventive measures such as mask wearing, Hassan announced Monday that the Health Ministry, in cooperation with the Interior Ministry, will begin distributing 1 million free masks.

Lebanon last week recorded a surge in the number of coronavirus infections, prompting officials to reaffirm the importance of physical distancing and wearing masks.

The tally of cases registered in Lebanon now stands at 1,119 people, and while the country remains under a state of general mobilization, a phased out plan to reopen certain sectors is being implemented in parallel.