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Sayyed Safiyeddine: “Israeli”, American Aggressors Only Understand the Language of Force

Sayyed Safiyeddine: “Israeli”, American Aggressors Only Understand the Language of Force
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By Fatima Deeb Hamzah

Lebanon – On the twentieth anniversary of the glory of May otherwise known as the liberation of southern Lebanon from “Israeli” occupation, Al-Ahed interviewed the head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safiyeddine. He spoke about the future, the prospects of conflict with the enemy, and the next stage.

“Twenty years after the victory in 2000, we must always remember that had it not been for the sacrifices of the martyrs, the mujahideen, the detainees, the resistance as well as the supporters of the resistance, we would not have obtained this pride and dignity,” said Sayyed Safiyeddine. "Today we are in dire need of more faith and trust in God, adherence to our religious and cultural identity and resistance, and remaining on this path because what awaits us is even greater."

Promising a new victory, Sayyed Safiyeddine tells Al-Ahed that “the victory of May 2000 is a great historic achievement.”

“From my faith in God Almighty and trust in Him, I believe that greater victories than the May 2000 await our resistance if we remain on this path. And the message of May 2000 is persistence on this resisting approach. Everything that the enemy does, even if it appears to be large and influential, will all disappear. All rights will be restored, God willing.”

Sayyed Safiyeddine summarizes the experiences amassed by the resistance since the 2006 aggression.

“Since the 2006 war, the resistance grew in strength, experience, understanding, and awareness of the nature of the battle and confrontation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy. We benefited from many of the strengths we attained. In 2006, we established that ‘Israel’ was indeed weaker than a spider's web. The capabilities that are being prepared to confront the enemy in any future war that we are definitely not seeking, must be more focused and hit the targets that hurt the enemy. We have become more aware of the enemy’s vulnerabilities.”

Sayyed Safiyeddine believes that "during the past years, it has been proven that ‘Israel’s’ home front is ill-prepared."

"Our readiness is based on faith, spirituality, and the individual’s strength in Hezbollah. Today, we are giving special attention to the fighter in various dimensions. Hence, the emergence of the Radwan force, which haunts the ‘Israeli’ army with sinister nightmares. What ‘Israel’ said is accurate: ‘Radwan forces will enter northern occupied Palestine.’"

Touching on the human asset, he said that “people are dependable, and we now depend on the ability of the Palestinian people, our popular resistance as well as the people in our Arab and Islamic world whose word will one day unite and eliminate this usurping Zionist entity."

His Eminence speaks confidently about achieving the desired objective – liberating al-Quds.

“We live with a real hope of achieving a realistic goal, according to our view, which is the liberation of al-Quds. And we believe that the successive blows that the ‘Israeli’ enemy is being dealt will one day exhaust it and make it unable to face this tidal resistance. Sayyed Safiyeddine said. “This framework consists of two directions: one is resisting the enemy and the other is the enemy recognizing its weakness, day after day. We will reach a point where the ‘Israelis’ will feel powerless. On the other hand, the people will advance their resistance work, and today they are in tens, or even hundreds of thousands regionally. These hundreds of thousands ready to resist coupled with the accumulation of achievements as well as the deteriorating structure of the Zionist entity in addition to other elements will one day lead us to the inevitable liberation al-Quds. This is something we never doubt.”

Great victories are made by great leaders, and so were the liberation of 2000 and the victory 2006.

“Major General Hajj Qassem Soleimani and the commander Hajj Imad Mughniyeh were the architects of the victories in 2000 and 2006. The support the resistance received from the Quds Forces, led by Hajj Qassem Soleimani, contributed extensively to the liberation. In 2000, Hajj Imad was on the battlefield and a de facto leader as well as the leader of the Islamic Resistance’s operations. Through his follow-up with all the Mujahideen brothers, leaders, martyrs, and everyone who worked under Hajj Imad at the operational level, the 2000 victory was achieved."

"We cannot look at the historic victory in 2000 with all its blessings without remembering these two great martyred leaders," Sayyed Safiyeddine stresses.

Speaking of the possibilities of both military and economic war against the axis of resistance, His Eminence tells us, "The ‘Israeli’ enemy always uses the military tool as well as the political, economic, and media tools through American support. ‘Israel’ alone is not able to encircl the resistance and the axis of resistance financially and economically. This is an American act that serves ‘Israel’ and the American and imperial interests in this region. Today, we cannot say that the ‘Israelis’ are no longer a military threat. The threat still exists. But the ‘Israelis’ have slim hopes of launching a military aggression against the resistance in Lebanon. This is because they feel that they are unable to resolve the battle."

As for the economic embargo imposed by the United States on the axis of resistance, Sayyed Safiyeddine says it is the result of “Israel’s” “sense of helplessness in the face of this axis that is growing and becoming stronger than ever before and recording great achievements in terms of capabilities and readiness.”

He stresses that the “sanctions imposed by the Americans on the resistance and the axis of resistance may be the last weapon they use to confront it as they have exhausted all options."

“Since its inception, the resistance’s options, logic, path, methods, and objectives have been fixed. These are constants. It is contrary to what some believe – that time can make us retreat, tire, or reconsider our position. The more we advance in the resistance work and confronting the ‘Israeli’ enemy, the more convinced we are that our positions must be firmer," the head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council adds.

"The ‘Israelis’ and the Americans only understand the language of strength and force, and when you are strong and capable you can confront this enemy, achieve your goals, and regain your rights. Today, we are more confident about our readiness in the area of armed resistance," Sayyed Hashem concludes.