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’Israeli’ Websites Hacked In Cyber-attack: ‘Be Ready for a Big Surprise’

’Israeli’ Websites Hacked In Cyber-attack: ‘Be Ready for a Big Surprise’
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By Staff, Agencies

Multiple Zionist websites were the target of a cyber-attack on Thursday, their homepages replaced with an anti-‘Israel’ video and message in Hebrew and broken English: "The countdown of ‘Israel’ destruction has begun since a long time ago."

The bottom of the page credited a group called "Hackers_Of_Savior" for the attack. The page title was changed to "Be Ready for a Big Surprise" in Hebrew. The video placed on the hacked sites was uploaded to YouTube as well with the description "A universal mission completed. It is done in order to support resistance and freedom of Palestine."

Visitors to the sites were asked to allow access to their cameras. The ‘Israel’ Cyber Directorate recommended that users not click any links on the damaged sites.

"This is a combined attack that tries not just to harm ‘Israeli’ sites and to disturb the economy from operating, but also tries to gain personal information from users that enter these sites through control of the users' cameras, which would allow the recording of personal information and pictures of thousands of ‘Israelis’," said PR agency Zeliger Shomron's Digital Systems Operator Avitar Gat.

Lotem Finkelstein, the head of the Cyber Intelligence Department at Checkpoint Software Technologies explained that as Al-Quds Day began on Thursday, hackers from the Muslim world, including Turkey, North Africa and the Gaza Strip, began organizing to attack ‘Israeli’ sites and replace them with the anti-‘Israel’ video and text. The sites were all stored on the same server in the cloud and seemingly this formed a weak point that allowed the harm to some sites on the server.

Among the targeted sites: uPress, a Wordpress website hosting service; Bang and Olufsen ‘Israel’, a clothing brand; Bet Gabriel, a cultural center; Yad L'Ahim, Hashavshevet, a company that provides accounting and inventory software; several high schools and post-high school programs, a sub-page of United Hatzalah's Hebrew website and ‘Israeli’ photographer ‘Israel’ Bardugo.