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Germany’s Decision against Hezbollah Is Support for the Criminal Terrorist Zionist Regime

Germany’s Decision against Hezbollah Is Support for the Criminal Terrorist Zionist Regime
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Mukhtar Haddad

Iran – A spokesman for the Iranian Guardian Council of the Constitution said that the German government's action against the Lebanese people is definitely against international laws and is against the right to determine one’s fate, which is a legal right.

In an exclusive statement for al-Ahed news, Dr. Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei said that the Lebanese people and popular groups like Hezbollah have defended their rights and lands against Zionist crimes and its government’s terrorism.

Therefore, “the presence of the Resistance forces is legitimate on the basis of principles and rules in accordance with international law,” the spokesman added.

The Guardian Council member went on to say that the German government, which claims to defend human rights, should stand with the popular Resistance forces instead of backing the Zionist entity.

Kadkhodaei said that Germany’s most recent measure has proven that its government’s motto of defending human rights is not real, but is used as a pretext for eliminating the rights of people in different regions of the world.

The spokesman further pointed out that “the terrorist Zionist regime’s welcoming of the German government’s action confirms the illegality of this decision”.

“It comes within the framework of supporting and achieving the interests of the illegal Zionist entity and it is opposed to the principles of defending human rights and combating terrorism,” he said.

Kadkhodaei reiterated the of role of the Islamic Resistance in combating terrorism in the region and said that “the role of the Resistance in the war against terrorism and the elimination of Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] and the blood it shed in this field has prevented the arrival of this terrorist scourge supported by the Zionists to European capitals. Accordingly, they have achieved security and stability in the world”.