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Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Won’t Allow Imposing a Government that Threatens Country’s Major Causes - Statement

Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades Won’t Allow Imposing a Government that Threatens Country’s Major Causes - Statement
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Translated by Staff

The political bureau of Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades issued the following statement:

The political process [in Iraq] is passing through major complications resulting from the intended transgression of the Constitution by the head of state, as well as his intention to ignore the right of the majority to nominate the Prime Minister.

This has been known by the political forces over the past years, which put the country in an undue crisis, especially that our dear people are facing the risk of the Coronavirus outbreak, which requires speeding up the formation of an acceptable government that can run the country in this critical situation.

The Islamic Resistance – Hezbollah Brigades, despite non-involvement in the political process, actually represents a large class of our people, with its rooted history of resistance and effective role in confronting the threats Iraq has passed through.

Upon the resignation of Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, we set a list of qualifications and standards we find necessary that the candidate for premiership enjoys.

Thus, we won’t allow passing any figure on which those standards do not apply. We will have a clear and decisive stance towards the attempts to impose a government with suspicious orientations that won’t assure the people, or a government that threatens our major causes.

To remind [everyone], we renew our principal and clear stance in supporting the state and its sovereignty. We will deal with the future government upon the fixed frameworks.

As per the issue of preserving the arms, the issue will be dealt with according to the government’s serious adoption of expelling the foreign forces from Iraq, making sure there are no direct threats from the gangs of Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] or other terrorist groups to our security, and our people’s assurance and confidence regarding the government’s orientations. This lays out a suitable base for preserving our arms under the government’s supervision, as well as agreeing on that it won’t be used unless necessary.

Iraqi Islamic Resistance Political Bureau

Hezbollah Brigades