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Lebanon Is Still In the Eye of the Storm – Health Minister

Lebanon Is Still In the Eye of the Storm – Health Minister
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By Staff, Agencies

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan said Wednesday the country was still not clear of the dangers of the coronavirus outbreak and that it must continue to proceed with utmost caution.

“We are still in danger and in the eye of the storm and we may slip quickly if we do not know that the battle has been properly managed,” Hassan told a news conference.

The minister added that current numbers and rate of infections were manageable and local transmission was still weak, “but this matter is not an excuse to believe that the fight is over.”

Hassan confirmed two new deaths resulting from COVID-19, bringing the total number to 14, adding that there might be a third new death but did not confirm the case.

He further highlighted that the repatriation of expats set for April 5 will bring with it new challenges.

The Lebanese Cabinet agreed Tuesday to begin repatriating Lebanese wishing to return as soon as April 5, but did not provide any detail on the mechanism through which they would return. The repatriation of up to 20,000 Lebanese expatriates could rapidly overwhelm the country’s health care system if many test positive for coronavirus and need immediate help.

Lebanon’s total coronavirus cases rose to 479, as 16 new infections were recorded by the Health Ministry Wednesday.

Meanwhile, forty-three people have recovered from the disease so far.