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Iraqi Nujaba Warns US of Crushing, Painful Response to Any Military Action

Iraqi Nujaba Warns US of Crushing, Painful Response to Any Military Action
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By Staff, Tasnim News Agency

Representative of the secretary-general of Iraqi resistance group al-Nujaba Movement warned the US that the Iraqi forces are fully prepared to give a crushing and painful response to any aggressive military action.

Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi told Tasnim News Agency that the Islamic resistance forces of Iraq are fully prepared for any confrontation with the American forces.

Downplaying the reports from American media that the US may launch a military attack on the Popular Mobilization Units [PMU], known in Arabic as Hashd al-Shaabi, the Nujaba forces or the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, Sayyed al-Moussawi said the Iraqi fighters are fully prepared to counter any military action.

“All resistance groups of Iraq have become united and emphasize that they are ready for the confrontation with the US, and their response will be very painful this time,” Moussawi warned.

He also dismissed the notion of a widespread American military operation in Iraq, describing the speculation about a possible US strike on the PMUs as part of a psychological warfare against the Iraqi resistance forces, government and parliament.

“However, we emphasize that we are monitoring all aggressive movements of Americans, particularly these days, and we’re prepared to confront any measure,” he added.

He finally stressed that the Americans own no winning card in Iraq and also lack any political and social credibility among the Iraqi people.