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Al-Ahed Telegram

Hezbollah Reveals Its Nationwide Plan to Backup Lebanese Government’s Efforts in Fight against Coronavirus

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Translated by Staff

Chief of Hezbollah's Executive Council, His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safiyeddine unveils Hezbollah’s extensive plan to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
• Hezbollah’s plan includes 1500 doctors, 3000 nurses and paramedics, 5000 health services staff, 15,000 field service staff.
• Full staff of 24,500 people, including doctors, paramedics, and other providers of logistical, medical, and health services.
• Hezbollah outlined worst-case scenarios that may materialize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
• There is a crisis management operations room that includes:

  1.  A specialized technical committee to combat epidemics
  2. A health administration committee
  3. A popular and organizational administrative committee
  4. Committees of cooperation and social solidarity
  5. A media committee
  6. An educational and cultural committee
  7. A committee to follow up with expatriates

• Within days, Saint George Hospital will be ready to support state-run hospitals in receiving people infected with the coronavirus after all its patients are transferred to the Al-Rassoul Al-Aazam Hospital.
• Hezbollah is preparing places to isolate people infected with the coronavirus and places including hotels and resorts for those in need of quarantine. These places will be put at the disposal of the ministry of health.
• Hezbollah rented private hospitals that were closed. They are being repaired and equipped to be used as isolation rooms or to treat patients if the medical equipment was available.
• Hezbollah established centers for medical diagnosis, testing, and categorizing cases (self-isolation or quarantine) to relieve pressure on accredited hospitals conducting tests. These centers will be used while hospitals analyze tests and categorize cases.
• Hezbollah equipped 32 reserve medical centers to confront the coronavirus across Lebanon.
• Hezbollah conducted specialized educational and awareness-raising workshops for 15,000 people. The Islamic Health Committee printed detailed brochures, and we created a specialized website.
• Hezbollah prepared 100 specialized ambulances. These vehicles have transported hundreds of confirmed and suspected cases. There are also 25 vehicles equipped with respirators.
• Hezbollah formed committees in all villages and neighborhoods to help implement various measure. There is an army of volunteers in all regions (social solidarity, logistical assistance).
• There are capabilities we had prepared for a future war with the enemy, but we have now harnessed some of those resources to tackle the health crisis and the coronavirus.
• The engineers of the Islamic resistance started to manufacture respirators according to international standards. We hope that the results will bear fruit.
• A special account with the number 814-30 was established at the Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association for donations to the Social Solidarity Fund to combat the coronavirus and other contributions.
• Hezbollah so far spent 3.5 billion Lebanese pounds during the current month as assistance and on logistical measures. A large part of this amount was donated by people in the framework of social solidarity called for by the Secretary General.