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Head of Lebanon’s Military Tribunal Resigns over Fakhoury Release

Head of Lebanon’s Military Tribunal Resigns over Fakhoury Release
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By Staff, Agencies

The head of the Lebanese Military Tribunal Brig. Gen. Hussein Abdallah announced Friday morning his resignation from the post.

The judge said the move, which came following local outrage over the release of Amer Fakhoury, was “out of respect for my oath and military honor," and that he had informed the commander of the Army of his decision.

He also said he was resigning from a Military Tribunal where “the application of the law equals to the release of an agent.”

Abdallah was referring to the acquittal Monday of Fakhoury, former ‘Israeli’ collaborator who served as head of a Zionist prison during the ‘Israeli’ occupation of Lebanon, of charges including murder and torture.

The Tribunal's March 16 decision which acquitted Fakhoury of his charges came six months after he was first arrested upon his arrival in Lebanon, and a month before his trial, which was set to be held on April 16.

Fakhoury was indicted in February and charged with torture, murder, attempted murder of inmates and kidnapping of thousands of Lebanese citizens in south Lebanon’s Khiam prison, a facility he oversaw between 1985 and 2000.

At least 10 people died at the prison during Fakhoury’s tenure at Khiam.

The Military Tribunal dismissed the charges Monday, citing that a large amount of time had passed between the date when the acts took place and his trial.

Fakhoury had been living in the United States since 2001, but was arrested in Sept. 2019 shortly after his return to Lebanon.

The Lebanese people were shocked and outraged over Fakhoury's acquittal and subsequent departure.