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Ex-Mossad Chief: Threat from Gaza Worse Now Than During 2014 War

Ex-Mossad Chief: Threat from Gaza Worse Now Than During 2014 War
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By Staff, Agencies

The rocket fire which Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad can rain down on the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories today is far greater now than it was in 2014, former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo said on Tuesday.

Speaking from an IDC Institute for Policy and Strategy Conference launching a new book by Amos Gilead and Yediot Ahronot diplomatic-political correspondent Shimon Shiffer, Pardo said: “We have failed to come up with an end game for either Gaza or any of the Palestinian chapter.”

Explaining that the security situation has gotten worse, Pardo said he is disturbed by ‘Israel’ failing to define its goals and acting as if time was on its side.

The former Mossad chief said that all that is left is for random rounds of fighting to break out and that ‘Israel’ only deals with tactics and “sends the military to put out fires with whatever tools it has and limits on its firepower” - but still with no ability to get to an end game and set strategic long-term goals.

Pardo said that part of the blame is on the general public for failing to make a decisive decision over this past year in the repeated elections regarding what government it wants.