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Number of US Soldiers Injured In Ain Al-Assad Attack Tops 100

Number of US Soldiers Injured In Ain Al-Assad Attack Tops 100
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By Staff, Agencies

Now the number of US troops who have been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury [TBI] in the weeks following the Iranian missile operation against the US occupation base of Ain al-Assad in Iraq has topped 100, the Pentagon confirmed Monday.

Military officials confirmed 109 occupation soldiers had TBI as a result of the operation, up from the 64 reported last month. Of those injured, 76 have returned to duty, including one service member who was transported to Germany for medical treatment, the Pentagon claimed.

The Pentagon said the count could change, as the number of soldiers diagnosed with TBI has steadily increased in the weeks following the Jan. 8 airstrikes.

Iran’s missile operation came in retaliation to the US assassination of top IRGC Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, near Baghdad Airport.

Short after the Ain al-Assad operation, US President Donald Trump claimed in a tweet that “All is well!” as he meant to deny any damage, injuries or deaths among US soldiers.