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Al-Quds Car Ramming Op.: 14 «Israelis» Injured, 1 in Critical Condition

Al-Quds Car Ramming Op.:  14 «Israelis» Injured, 1 in Critical Condition
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By Staff, Agencies

“Israeli” military claimed a car-ramming had left 14 people, mostly soldiers, injured, including one in a serious condition, in central al-Quds [Jerusalem].

The incident occurred early on Thursday near al-Quds’ First Station, a popular entertainment hub.

The “Israeli” army said the soldiers targeted were from the Golani Brigade and were making their way to the Buraq Wall in the Old City of al-Quds [Jerusalem].

Police said the driver of the vehicle had fled the scene and “a large force of officers were carrying out searches.”

“We saw three young people lying down on the sidewalk and around nine others who were also hit were standing,” Magen David Adom medic Oz Faulk said. “One person was unconscious. A 20-year-old who suffered from head and body injuries told us a car had come and run them over."

The situation is also tense in the “Israeli”-blockaded Gaza Strip.

“Israeli” warplanes attacked what they claimed were Hamas targets in the besieged coastal sliver early on Thursday.

The “Israeli” army claimed that its airstrikes came “in response to mortars and explosive balloons launched from Gaza” into the occupied territories.

Violence has surged in the occupied lands following the release of US President Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed “deal of the century,” which all Palestinian groups have unanimously rejected.

Trump’s Middle East scheme largely meets the “Israeli” entity’s demands in the decades-old conflict while creating a Palestinian state with limited control over its own security and borders.

It also enshrines al-Quds as to so-called “capital” of the “Israeli” entity and allows the regime to annex settlements in the occupied West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

The proposal further denies the right of return of Palestinian refugees into their homeland, among other controversial terms.