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Schiff Tells Republican Senators They Know They Can’t Trust Trump

Schiff Tells Republican Senators They Know They Can’t Trust Trump
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By Staff, Agencies

US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff [D-Calif.], the lead House impeachment manager, said that US President Donald Trump must be removed from office because “you know you can’t trust” him “to do what’s right for this country.”

Schiff pleaded with Senate Republicans to follow their consciences and vote to impeach and remove Trump from the White House.

“Do we really have a doubt about the facts here? Does anybody really question whether the president is capable of what he’s charged with? No one is really making the argument, ‘Donald Trump would never do such a thing' because of course we know that he would, and of course we know that he did,” Schiff said on Thursday night.

Democrats worked carefully at the impeachment trial of Trump on Thursday to prove the Republican president abused his power by pressing Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son purely for political gain.

“The Framers couldn’t protect us from ourselves if right and truth doesn’t matter,” Schiff said, arguing that if Trump remained president he would put his own interests ahead of America’s.

“You know you can’t trust this president to do what’s right for this country,” Schiff said, pointing to Russia’s recent alleged hacking of Burisma Holdings, the energy company that paid Hunter Biden to serve on its board.

Schiff claimed that Trump would not stop the Russians if they tried to influence the outcome of this year’s presidential election.

“Can you have the least bit of confidence that Donald Trump will stand up to them and protect our national interest over his own personal interest? You know you can’t, which makes him dangerous to this country,” Schiff said.

“You may be asking, how much damage he can really do in the next several months until the election,” Schiff said, before answering his own question. “A lot. A lot of damage.”

“This is why if you find him guilty, you must find that he should be removed. Because right matters. Because right matters and truth matters. Otherwise we are lost,” he lamented.